Halloween Event 2021
22 Oct
Hello Everyone!

Spooky Season is back and we celebrate this with an amazing Halloween Event!

| Carved Pumpkins

From today on you'll be able to find Carved Pumpkins by doing various different tasks. You can find these pumpkins by either placing/breaking blocks and by killing mobs. Each of these pumpkins has a unique number and tell you who originally found it.

Once you received a Carved Pumpkin you can bring it to Euie the Witch. She will be located in the corrupted house in the spawn area. Once delivered, you will be able to open a Carved Pumpkin at Jacky the Lantern and receive some awesome rewards.


PS. Don't forget to trick or treat Rhia the House Elf inside the Corrupted House! She might have some treats for you!

| Premium Pumpkins

If you wish to support the server you can purchase Limited Edition Premium Pumpkins. These pumpkins have amazing rewards + Super Exclusive...
10 Aug
Hello Everyone!

It's been a while and for good reason. The team has been working on getting the server ready for 1.17 and while it took some time, the time has finally come. However, there is more than just an update. Let me explain; Our current map, economy, and any other stats are over a year old. Things are getting a bit stale. This is why we decided to do server reset and start a new chapter. Yes, yes, controversial. We know but, hear us out...

| StickyMC - Season 2
What does this mean? It's simple. We will reset the server so that everyone starts from scratch again. Money, Items, player vaults, Ender Chests and any other in-game being will not be transferred.

The server will go down for maintenance on August 18 and will be re-opened on Friday the 20th. Keep an eye on our Discord for the exact time of the opening party.

The only thing players will keep is their premium ranks and their tags. (ranks bought on the store)

With this reset we are also introducing a handful of changes to make this new season better than the previous one. We have recoded and optimized a decent amount of code to make sure everything works as smooth as possible. If you notice any bugs, please report them HERE.

| Jobs...
New Lobby!
28 Mar
Hello Everyone,

Today we installed a new Lobby. Now, you might be wondering "what does this mean?" Well, I'll explain.

The Lobby is basically a second server on the same network (you see this with big Minecraft servers that have multiple game modes a lot). But why do we need a lobby you might wonder? No, we are not adding a new game mode. Or well, not yet... As for now, the lobby will function as a so called "fallback server". This means whenever the server crashes, restarts or we are in maintenance mode, you will end up in the Lobby. This also means you will still be able to join the server and hang around in the Lobby while we work on the Towny / Survival server. This means you will still be able to talk to other players while waiting till the server gets back online. Additionally, the Lobby has a fun little parkour you can do while waiting.

Once you are in the Lobby you can use the compass or click the NPC to return to the Survival server.

That's all for now. We simply wanted to explain the situation before you randomly end up in the Lobby not knowing where you ended up. lol

23 Mar
Hello Everyone,

Today we are introducing the long anticipated rank update as well as adding a new spawn.

| New Spawn
From today on you'll be able to visit our brand new spawn. Without giving too much details we highly encourage you to visit /spawn in-game to explore it for yourself.

| The Rank Update

First of all, we no longer have the /rankup command. In order to get a new rank you'll have to visit "The Emperor". You can find The Emperor in his office located in the castle. When you talk to the emperor a menu will open and tells you about your new rank. Some of the ranks received a new name as well as new perk. In this update we also updated the /ranks menu to represent the new stuff.

All features will be functional after the maintenance. Keep an eye on Discord for more information.


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