25 Dec
Welcome to The Winter Olympics!

The Winter Olympics consist of 5 winter-themed tasks that you can participate in. Each task will have 3 winners and that means there will be a total of 15 winners. On January 3rd we will announce the winners. There will be very big rewards such as;
  • 1st place; $1,000,000 + 10 Void gemstones + a Knowledge Cap of your choice.
  • 2nd place; $750,000 + 7 Void Gemstones
  • 3rd place; $500,000 + 5 Void Gemstones
The tasks are:
  • Throw Snowballs
  • Kill Snow Golems
  • Place Snow Block
  • Craft Blue Ice
  • Mine Coal Ore
The rules:
- You are not allowed to place/break the same blocks repeatedly.
- No macros and/or auto clickers
- You can only use 1 account to participate. Alts or any other accounts can not be used to boost your score (same rules as for weekly challenges)
- You may participate in multiple challenges

If you wish to participate, visit the icy cave in the big building of /spawn.

We hope you have fun with the event and good luck in the Sticky Olympics! May the best win...
Hello Everyone,

Over the past few weeks, we have noticed more and more payers started using alts to load various different farms without the need to be present.
This goes from automatic cow spawner farms, automatic guardian farms but also creeper farms that still require manual killing. While some make sense, some really don't. All these extra chunks and loaded mobs take a toll on server performance. Let's take a look at the numbers...

On October 24, 2022, We had a peak of 150 concurrent players. At this time chunks were taking up 32.6% of the server tick while mobs were taking up an additional 24.02%


On December 2, 2022, We had a peak of 92 concurrent players. At this time chunks were taking up 33.76% of the server tick while mobs were taking up an additional 30.81%


So, what this means is that while there were 38% fewer players online chunks went up by 3.5% and entities went up by 28.26%.

Creepers went from 1.25% to 4.09%. That's a 227.2% increase.
Cats went from 0.4% to 3.07% That's a 667% increase.

We also have to keep in mind that other things are affected by this. While these are smaller tick usages, the increments are staggering.
Hoppers went...
22 Aug
Hello everyone,

Today we are introducing Cosmetic Coins and a Head Merchant.

| Cosmetic Coins
Cosmetic Coins are coins that you will be able to get by trading Quest Crystals at the quest merchant.

| Head Merchant
The Head Merchant is a new merchant you can find at the southern gate of spawn. You will be able to trade your cosmetic coins for fancy hats!
The merchant will occasionally get new hats. There are over 20 hats as of right now and more to come!

Can you collect them all?

StickyMC Season 3
08 Jul
Hello everyone,

The time has come, Season Two is coming to an end. Over the past year, you have once again proven how amazing you all are at building the most impressive towns, grinding to the maximum job levels and being a fantastic community day after day. After a recent poll, it was made clear that over 75% of the community is in favor of a reset as long as they are not too frequent. We think we have done a good job over the past few years to make sure these do not happen too frequently. We always make our resets justified and never “just because we can”. This time is no different. As you probably know, Mojang has released 1.19 while our server is still running 1.17. For the past year, we have not had the benefit of playing in the new terrain and this is finally changing.

Season 3 is finally here and so is the new 1.19 world generation. Grand mountains, epic caves and deep dark ancient cities haunted by the warden! But not only that. We are also bringing back the End Dimension as well as a new Resource Nether. But before you travel there, you will arrive at the brand new server spawn. Can you find all the easter eggs? When exploring the new spawn you will notice two new NPCs which brings us to our next point.

| The...


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