Official Suggestions regarding /tags


Due to multiple people repeatedly making suggestion threads about new tags we decided to make an official suggestion thread regarding these tags.

| What are tags?
Tags are little prefix that can be put in front of the players name in chat. All tags you've unlocked can be accessed using the /tags command.

A few examples:
Yeet Tag
Nerd Tag

| You got an idea for a new tag? Cool! Let us know below.

Please note,

- No inappropriate tags
- Keep them short
- Try to make them fun?
Bee Tag in Yellow


Grandmaster Contributor
I don't have a tag for suggestion but I do have a Suggestion for tags so might as well put it here. I would like to display my Tab Rank as well as a cool flashy tag I have acquired. Similarly to how Staff Members tags are displayed as (Staff Rank) | (Tag). Not sure if this has been suggested or considered already but though I might go ahead and add it here.