1st Golem.Co Creative Writing Contest


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Welcome! today, we announce the first non-annual, weekly, but only when we feel like it, Golem.Co Creative writing contest!

The rules are simple, write a story, submit the story on friday, either via minecraft book or google doc or something on discord and include all the parts of the prompt. Keep it semi-appropriate this isnt wattpad.

This friday! the friday in 4-5 days? yes! that one! At 11 o' clock Past midday Standard time zone:UTC/GMT -6 hoursDaylight saving time:+1 hourCurrent time zone offset:UTC/GMT -5 hoursTime zone abbreviation:CDT
Idk what that all means but central standard time for the united states. At 11 at night. I Obsidian Golem, In the flesh but not in the flesh because its online... Will read the Entries on Voice chat, I can do various accents and will make it as entertaining as possible!

Now the prizes! Uh... Golem.co Will offer many prizes to the winner ( which will be determined by a popular vote after the readings )
The uh first prize is... a congratualtions! and uh... Whatever Rhia has in her pockets at the time! (If shes not online we will choose a random other staff to rob... I mean liberate from their possessions) Golem.Co will also offer an all you can drink supply of Potions of harming!
*if anyone else wants to fund this event by donating stuff to the winner by all means go ahead
Oh! And uh.. some free mapart to the winner!

Now the prompt. The prompt is simple, write whatever, however you want but your story must include all of these elements, you can add whatever you like of course.

Plot: The death of a Lover.
Setting/theme: Space
Characters: Two dogs, One from an alien world, one from earth, the dogs are husband/wife. An interdimensional Twitch streamer.

there's only 3 characters that are required... but you can add more!

Okay! good luck writing! See you on friday!


“We did it,” she exclaimed. “And it only took eight years and a million zimquats worth of energy drinks!” She ran over and bit her husband with joy. She met him eight years ago when she started this project. She had made a stop at a small insignificant planet called Earth (that’s it right?). It was when she had first started watching Pundents, one of the most influential Twitch streamers in the multiverse. He was initially an earthling just like her husband but a quick accidental fourth dimension skip later, and BAM, he had his own dimension for streaming. The Twitch streamer had made a challenge that day, whoever could get him home would get everything that he had earned over his time as a streamer. And she finally did it. She made the trans-dimensional roller skates. “YAY,” her husband yipped. “But uh, what about a power source?”
“Uh,” the wife said.
“Ha ha, just joking with you.” He said this while smacking his head against her back.”I finished that lawn mower power transfer unit that derives power from bad doge memes.”
“Oh thank dog,” she responded with a sigh.
“Well I say we go now,” said her husband.
“Sure,” she responded excitedly.
“Ok, now we need to get it started.” She said “Start the Twitch chat!”
“Ok we have pogger spam,” he responded. “And now we're getting some PEPE.”
“It’s happening,” Marissa (cus I want to stop calling her she) screamed.
Plop. Marissa and David (same reason) woke up in some kind of octagonal room with no roof; the walls were all black with an archway on each one.
“Does that say Golem.co?,” David questioned.
“Looks like it does.” Marrisa responded just as someone walked in.
“Looks like you did it, you actually got here,” the stranger said. “I am Pundent, I found this place deserted when I got here and I’ve been living here ever since I was trapped.”
“Cool,” replied David. “But we have a problemo, we don’t have enough power to get us all home.”
In a flash, Marissa's neck was in Pundent’s hand. “And that is why I will have to kill her” said Pundent and proceeded to chop off Marissa's neck.
Without thinking, David grabbed Marissa and used the last of the energy in the roller skates to get them both home. But it was too late for her now with her last breath she said,
“J-j-join G-Golem.Co”

made by:foxhaven1 and bunzies64


(warning im not gonna punchate or spell anything right i am lazy do your best)

Once upon a time there were was a time traveling alien dog who lived on a rock and space named.. (we will call him dave and hes sorta british)
*ring ring* daves telephone collar starts to ring, *dave sighs and answers the call*
"Hello? international space missions.. this is dave speaking."
"DAAAAAAVVVVEEEE" *dave throws the phone to the floor and yelps in pain* "Jeez maltida why are you yelling? its like 12 AM, please tell me you dont have a mission for me!" Says dave in pain.
"You know I always have a mission for you, Dave. You are our top dog here!" Maltida says back harshly (for some reason)
"Okay... Whats the mission?" Dave says while also very annoyed.
Dave accepts the mission and gets in his time machine, dave arrives in the year 2069 on the planet Glarb.. Maltida sends him the location to this so called "Twitch streamers" house. You might wonder how the streamer does not notice daves huge ship in the driveway... well dave has invisable mode because hes from this planet of space mission alien dogs of course. Dave parks his ship and gets out, he slowly walks to the window where he can see this beautiful earth dog princess looking for some rescue. They lock eyes and dave does a "shh" motion has he breaks and enters into this streamers house. While hes doing that, dave falls onto the alarm for his car and sets it off! "Crap!" Dave yells. All of the sudden he hears the streamer say "Hold on guys! I hear a noise in my house." The streamer gets up from his chair and makes his way to the front door where Dave is sitting on the ground in fear.. Meanwhile the princess uses this chance to escape.. slowly following behind the streamer in hopes to sneak out the front door while the streamer is figthing Dave to the death.

Dave looks up from being on the ground to see this GIANT 8 foot tall half alien half pig.. "STREAMER!!" Dave screams, "LET THE PRINCESS GO!!" "NEVER OINK MWAHAH!" Snorts the streamer in a cocky snort. "YOU MUST FIGHT FOR YOUR BEAUTFUIL PRINCESSES FREEDOM!" "Fight?!" Dave says confused. "YES, IF YOU DIE I WILL LET THE DOG PRINCESS GO BACK TO EARTH, IF I KILL THE PRINCESS YOU GO HOME AND FAIL YOUR MISSION AND YOU WILL BE BANSHED FROM YOUR PLANET AND SUCKED INTO A BLACK HOLE, SO EITHER WAY YOU DIE! WHICH ONE WILL IT BE!" Snorts the streamer. Dave looks at the princess then back to his ship... he runs to the princess and kisses her. "You are free my love, go back home. I will always love you". Sobs Dave, Dave walks up to the streamer and cries "Take me, I love the princess too much to let her die." "Ppppeerrfeeecttt!" Snort the pig evilly. The alien pig takes his controller and throws it at Daves head, Killing him on impact. "NOW RUN PRINCESS GO BACK TO EARTH OR YOU WILL END UP LIKE YOUR LOVER HERE!" Screams the pig. The princess kisses Dave one last time before stealing the keys to Daves ship, She starts it back up and sends herself back to earth where she will rule as the first royal dog princess who made it back from an alien world. She achieves many things, She goes back to space and becomes an alien dog princess and takes over missions in Daves spot. The end.