A new way to get Mithril Items


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Getting Mithril Items mainly comes from tasks surrounding the Hunter job. (Killing hostile mobs)

My suggestion is to involve more jobs to make a more balanced system.

This system involves three parts - A new villager called the Mithril Merchant, Mithril Mobs, and Pure Resources.

PART ONE - The Mithril Merchant

A new villager will be introduced at spawn - called the Mithril Merchant.

For the location, I think a remodeled room across from the The Emperor would make sense.

The Mithril Merchant will operate similarly to the Shady Merchant, in the sense that you trade items.

Upon right clicking the Mithril Merchant, this menu will be brought up.


The player will then have the option to browse through each Mithril set currently in the game, and click on its icon to see the contents of the full set.

I'm currently hovering over the Jaded Set.

Upon clicking the set, the player will have the option to trade for a Mithril Item, given they have all the necessary components.


But how do you get the required components? This is covered in parts two and three.

PART TWO - Mithril Mobs

Mithril Mobs will scarcely spawn in the overworld, with custom nametags (and potentially dyed armor?)

These mobs will have randomly generated attributes, such as the Mithril collection they are from, and mob type.


Specifically, this is a Jaded Skeleton. Different types of Skeletons could also spawn, such as Kayran or Draconic.

The point of these mobs is they drop essences when killed, which in this case would be a Jaded Essence.


This essence will be one of the components needed to trade for a Mithril Item, as seen in Part One.

PART THREE - Pure Resources

Pure Resources will drop from various activities spread across multiple jobs. They come from mining ores (Miner), killing animals (Farmer), chopping trees (Lumberjack), and fishing (Fisherman).

Here's a look at the lineup:


From Left to Right:

Pure Stick: Will rarely drop from chopping trees. Only Lumberjacks will be eligible to spawn this item.

Pure Sticks will be a component needed to trade for handheld Mithrils, such as Axes, Swords, or Bows. A trading example is shown in Part One.

Pure Iron
Pure Gold
Pure Netherite: Will rarely drop when mining iron, gold, or netherite ore. Only Miners will be eligible to spawn these items.

These items will be a component needed to trade for Mithril Armor and Tools.

Any Mithril Item that contains Iron will require Pure Iron as a component. (Ex. Mithril Shears)

Any Mithril Item that contains Gold will require Pure Gold as a component. (Ex. Butter Set)

Any Mithril Item that contains Netherite will require Pure Netherite as a component. (Ex. Mithril Axes, Chestplates)

Pure String
Pure Prismarine: Will rarely drop from fishing loot. Only Fishermen will be eligible to spawn these items.

Any Mithril Item that contains String will require Pure String as a component. (Ex. Bows, Fishing Rods)

Pure Prismarine will be used to trade for items in the Poseidon Set, and Tridents.

Pure Leather: Will rarely drop from killing animals. Only Farmers
will be eligible to spawn this item.

Pure Leather will be used to trade for Mithril Items such as Elytras, or Posh Wellies.


By having these components job dependent, it will create incentive for players to join different jobs to obtain Pure Resources.

For example, players will depend on Lumberjacks to sell Pure sticks - this will create demand in the economy.

Players can trade or sell their Pure Resources on the auction house for the parts they need to get the gear they want.

Keep in mind, the old method of rolling for Mithril Items will remain the same - but for those interested in specific Mithrils, they now have the option of getting exactly what they want.

This new system will not be easy, but it will save players the hassle of rolling Mithril Essences endlessly for a certain item (quest for the butter helmet).


This suggestion is quite a big one, but I believe Mithrils should be obtainable in more ways than just killing hostile mobs.


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Miners have a chance to drop a Pure diamond
Blacksmiths have a chance to smelt gold ingot into Pure gold, or netherite scrap + gold into Pure netherite ore?
Just to add more diversity. ATM I don't have an idea to incorporate chef, though other pure components may come from alchemy if an alchemist job is added, etc.

This definitely creates a whole new market, which can be huge for an economy server that relies on jobs. Love this idea

mithril mobs may not even be required for this. if there are mithril mobs for hunter, would it also mean mithril diamond ores for miner, etc.? Perhaps it should just be percent change that any hostile mob drop the relic essence, any diamond ore drop the diamond essence, etc.
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