adding more job rewards (permanent buffs)

Would you like permanent job rewards to be a thing?

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Currently the only reward for jobs is money and xp for your current jobs. However this xp doesn't really have any use other than showing other people your current level. Therefor I suggest "job rewards".

What are job rewards?

Well job rewards are permanent (as long as you have this job) buffs or effects, which you can unlock by leveling up in your job menu.

What could job rewards be?

I would say, that there are different rewards for each job.
for example: If you reach level 20 in the job "miner" you get access to the command /nv (/nightvision) wich will give you permanent night vision.
or if you reach level 50 in the job "hunter" you get +2 permanent hearts.

this list can go on for a while but I am sure that you get the idea.


This addition for the server would be great, because it would bring a ton of new content and it gives people more goals to reach on the server.