Solved all my possessions yoinked from my "claim"

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pretty much all my skulker boxes with all my possessions have been stolen while I was away, pretty much town went bankrupt someone saw my shulkers no longer in a claim cause my town has been deleted and now they are all gone and they had every single item I own as I just moved into that location please if you can give them back to me somehow or if you can't compensate, My stuff has been looted before and got only half compensated with half the stuff so having all of it returned would make my life so much easier thank you for hopefully reading this and figuring out a way to help


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I'm afraid if your town fell, we do not compensate or return items as the wilderness is free game. Players are allowed to take anything they want from chests, shulkers etc. as this is not against our rules to do so.

I apologize for this happening, but there is nothing we can do about it. I recommend making sure your town has enough money to stay up before you go away to ensure this doesn't happen again :)
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