Another job slot after reaching max level


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(1) maybe later in the server i think it would be great to add another job slot, but wait there’s a reason. After achieving lvl 50 in ALL jobs (maybe only paid ranks can get it) you will get another slot for another job. Basically if i have ALL my 3 jobs at lvl 50 ill unlock another job slot. (2) Think thats too OP? Then you can set up the system to pause one of your jobs that are at max level so for example i chose miner to be paused, then i will no longer gain money from it and i can do a 4th job, it can only be unpaused once my 4th job is either quit or at max level. I would much prefer suggestion ‘’(1)’’ as pausing the job isnt recommended. This suggestion is so that someone can experience any jobs, so they dont have to quit a job and loose all their exp.


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I think it is much more complicated to make a system like you're suggesting, however I do agree with the concept of "finding something more to grind for". I feel like a good option is to increase the job level caps to 75 instead.