AzertuMC meets StickyMC


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Hello Everyone!

Today is a special day. After months and months of promising AzertuMC Season 2, we have come to the decision to merge AzertuMC with StickyMC. This may come as shock to some but there is nothing to worry about!

First of all, let me explain what StickyMC is. StickyMC is a new Towny server that opened on the 17th of June, 2020 that is also created by me, SirKillian. The goal with sticky was to create a vanilla-like experience that wasn't extremely OP like how AzertuMC is with all its extremely overpowered relics.

After working on season 2, I realized that I really preferred how StickyMC was focused on something less OP and capitalizes more on vanilla gameplay. After giving it more thought I realized that this is something I wanted to push more on AzertuMC as well. Then, the idea of a merge came to me. "Why work on 2 servers with 2 communities when we could just unify them into 1 great community?" So here we are... Today we are announcing the merge of AzertuMC and StickyMC!

This means that there will not be an AzertuMC Season 2. But, we will continue to provide StickyMC with new, updated and amazing content in Minecraft 1.16.1.

I'd like to address that a rebrand for AzertuMC was already in the works for season 2 and we were going to step away from the "Azertu" brand as a whole and renaming the server regardless.
Additionally, I'd also like to mention that yes, a lot of you had high expectations for season 2 and I'm personally extremely sorry about the inconvenience this has caused. I'm sorry for not being able to meet your expectations and kept you guys waiting for so long without notice.

On a positive note, considering StickyMC has been out for a little while, this means the server has gone through a lot of debugging already. If we would release season 2 it would mean we would have to go through a lot of bugs and tweaks before the server becomes stable enough to actually enjoy. And fortunately, this no longer has to happen with StickyMC.

We have a lot of ideas on what will make StickyMC even better than AzertuMC ever was.
We are excited about this change and we are thrilled to show you what we have created so far.

Over on our Discord Server, we made a channel named #f-a-q and have formed a quick and easy FAQ that will contain most of the questions you guys will ask as well as some additional information.

Interested in joining StickyMC?



I'd like to personally thank everyone for creating what AzertuMC became and I really hope to see everyone over on the new and improved StickyMC!


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I am so Excited for the future of Azertu!!! Well I guess Sticky now!