AzertuMC Season 2 - preview 1


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Hello everyone!

As you probably know by now, we announced a reset coming to azertu. This post will share some of the new features we have been working on and some stuff you may expect in the future.

Please note that this is just a proof of concept and the stuff showed below is / can be subject to change and might not represent the final version.

| Kingdoms

As you might know, the Towny plugin isn't always easy to use and can be quite a mess at times. This is why we decided to create our own fully custom "towny" plugin called Kingdoms. Majority of the features as you know them will remain the same. However, Kingdoms will have a lot of so-called "quality of life" patches. Let me give you an example.

The current main /town command will print a bunch of stuff in chat which is hard to navigate and quite messy. We have moved all of this information into a nice GUI menu.

The main menu will have:
  • All the general information
  • A separate resident menu listing ALL your town members and their roles
  • A Brand NEW Town vault!
  • Banking information
  • A Brand NEW upgrades menu!
  • Outpost menu
  • Brand NEW Menu for all town settings!
This should hopefully make it less confusing and easier to navigate around the plugin.

A simple thing as inviting a new player to your own can cause quite some confusion. We have re-invented the invite system making it a lot easier to add new players to your towns! You can add a new player to your town by using /town invite. This will send the following message to the player you've invited.
The receiver will no longer have to use commands in order to accept the invite. They will simply be able to click the "Accept" or the "Reject" buttons.

Once you invited someone to your town, the real struggle happens... Towny perms! Probably the most confusing feature in the entire towny plugin. Confusing commands nobody really understands and very hard to manage. Luckily for you, we made huge improvements towards this feature and reworked the entire thing.

Once a player joined your town you'll be able to see them in a brand new resident menu.
(yes, these won't be steve heads, it will render the actual player skin in the final version)

You'll be able to hover on the skulls and promote/demote players and grant them brand new roles.

As of right now, towny only has pre-defined roles. such as Co-Mayor, Helper, etc
In our version, there will still be 3 default roles being:
  • Visitor (outsider)
  • Resident (anyone in your town)
  • Mayor (can't be modified and will have all perms unlocked)
These 3 roles cannot be removed. However, you'll now be able to create and customize your own roles on top of that!
(as shown below there are 7 roles)

Let's say you created your own role called "member". You'll now be able to manage its permissions exactly how you want it to be without any limitations!
(more toggleable perms will be in the final version)

Isn't that awesome?! Yes, it is!

An all-time favorite feature, /towny map. Completely reworked with a nicer design.
(colors will change, this is just an example)

Prompts on important decisions like disbanding your town, kicking players, un-claiming land and more. Meaning you can't accidentally remove something you didn't want to remove.

And of course, we have a lot more to show you! But that will have to wait for another time ;)
We will post more update posts in the near future!

Happy Mining!
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Hype to see what else you'll add! If this is the sneak peak, then the other stuff must be GREAT


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yes!!!!!! very excited to play again!!
also please consider this: the ability to open outposts to the public?