Blacksmith Level 15 Perk Ideas


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There was a discussion in the discord about ideas for a level 15 Blacksmith perk. For those who do not know, Blacksmith is currently the only job that is missing a perk from its level 15 slot, so I've decided to jot down some ideas for a new perk.

If we look at the other jobs' level 15 perks, we can see that most of them are just minor conveniences that can help with the job in some way. Then the level 30 perks generally have major conveniences/QoL improvements to the job. Finally, the level 45 perks provide some sort of major perk/buff that is at least tangentially related to the job. With this information in mind, let's come up with some ideas.

This was the first idea that popped into my head when this was first mentioned in the discord. I'm just gonna sorta copy/paste and edit it to fit the thread better:

Blacksmiths could repair items without adding weight to them. What is weight? Weight is the value that goes up when you use an anvil to combine tools with other tools or repair with raw materials. It is what causes the experience cost to go up when you start anvil-ing an item too much. The main problems I see with this idea though are that a lot of people don't know what "weight" is (although now that I think about it you could describe it as "allows repairing or combining items without increasing exp costs"), and it requires giving an item to another player which opens up opportunities for scamming and other nefarious things. I still think this idea could work, but I would modify things a bit to make it work more seamlessly. I would make a custom interaction with some sort of block or block combination, sort of like how you can do that with holy cauldrons, and allow any player to put up an item with durability. This would show an item that looks exactly like the one they want repaired and that isn't able to be picked up. Then, a blacksmith with the right material costs could right click the item to repair it and the item will appear back in the player's inventory who put it up with the repairs done. This minimizes the trust factor needed with valuable items that need repairs and allows a smoother experience. This also gives blacksmiths a new avenue of making money by advertising repair services for others to utilize, especially if it could be used for relics too (albeit probably at a significantly increased cost to materials or something) although that particular point wouldn't be necessary. It is also a solution to players wanting to keep their good vanilla items without the need for mending (although mending would still be nice so it holds value) but devs seem more anti-mending for some reason so this may be rejected just by virtue of that philosophy. It would also take significantly more work to put together than other job perks since it has a few moving parts.

Moving on from that wall of text, I have some other things that could work:

Increased furnace, blast furnace, (and smoker?) speeds to make things go a little faster. This would probably have to trade places with the current level 30 perk though.

A command that toggles autosmelting of ores you mine. This one I am unsure about, especially if it gives blacksmith money, but if it doesn't then it doesn't really help the blacksmith with the actual job portion too much. It is convenient when you only need to get a bit of iron for something and can't be bothered to smelt it.

Increased durability. Seems kinda boring, but also kinda nice, would have to find a sweet spot that isn't too silly.

Ability to make budding amethyst blocks. This one would be interesting, but doesn't really help blacksmith directly, just gives them a side hustle.

Increased efficiency of furnace fuels. This one is also kind of boring, but is nice. It would help people who use coal if their coal was able to smelt 10 items rather than 8 (example value).

Make elevator blocks restricted to Blacksmith. This one I don't really agree with but I'm laying it out as an option. It would need to be in a form that players could sell otherwise it would just be very irritating.

Allow Blacksmith to take out runes players have put in slots (before you freak out I ONLY mean the runes that players put in, not the intrinsic enchantments on the weapon). This would be nice, and I think this is a feature the server is missing, but Blacksmith might not be the best way to implement it. It can also be an unsatisfying perk to those who do not deal with relics on a day-to-day basis. It would give a nice little niche to them though.

Allow Blacksmith to make mending books. This would be cool and would instantly make Blacksmith a viable job, but it would absolutely have to be at least a level 30 perk since it is absurdly good (depending on recipe cost). There is the problem that Blacksmiths and books do not thematically go together so you could do a little texture work and make it a sort of magical "mending stone." Of course the devs seem anti-mending so this may get thrown out just because of that but it does alleviate the villager lag problem in a more elegant way.

Make Blacksmiths get more scrap from ancient debris. This doesn't have to be double it could be like 4:5 or something like that but I think it's a neat little idea. Also thematically appropriate.

Allow Blacksmiths to craft some custom item(s). A bunch of the other jobs have these and I think Blacksmith could get some too. The first thing I thought of is adding a "trinket slot" to the inventory (that would be marked with the sticky resource pack) that Blacksmiths could make trinkets for. These trinkets would allow for permanent potion effects while you were wearing them like speed and jumpboost, possibly allowing better ones like haste and resistance. Infused bread would still be useful since you could carry a variety and I think they give you a better buff (disregard if not true). These would all be level I effects and would have a cooldown before you could swap them out to heighten the value of infused bread even more. These would be very valuable hot ticket items and should be expensive to match it. Unless these have some sort of durability or limit tacked onto them they would probably require some nested custom crafting recipes to preserve their value. I admit this one is kind of out there but if implemented correctly could be another "cool factor" for the server (like the relics). This would absolutely have to bump the other two perks down and go to level 45.

I hope you enjoy these ideas and I encourage you to break mine down, come up with your own, or discuss ideas others have brought up. Even if none of these specific ideas get implemented, I hope they provide some food for thought at least. Also keep in mind that it doesn't have to just be one benefit, there could be multiple at each tier. Anyways, good luck.