Caps Rule


Hello there!

Probably one of the most weird and annoying topics but I guess a very common issue and probably annoyance for some.

Some sort of guidelines for this rule should be explained as to why it has been put into place. Should a person saying a simple " OMG YAAAY! ", "AWESOME!!!" should be warned or someone who intentionally spams like "###########jjj****hhh", "IAM JUST GOING TO DO THIS BECAUSE" should be warned?

A clear difference is present where one is just happy and the other is just doing it on purpose.

While it is understandable why one can be annoyed by caps, I believe anyone who games loves being open and should be able to express themselves with a lil bit of their caps.:D

Just because someone caps a single word out gets warned is a bit over the board. Maybe this is something that can be looked into? :coffee:

Regardless everything else is absolutely perfect about the server! Hoping for a positive discussion. :)


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I believe things such as OMG is allowed, since... technically, it is an abbreviation and grammatically abbreviations such as this are all in caps. That point aside, I think the problem is being able to draw a clearly defined line that can be easily related to players, which leaves very little room for exceptions. You know how it goes, right? Give an inch and they'll take a mile?
Though I see your point, and agree with you =]. I hope that somebody more intelligent than I can come up with a solution that works


Thanks Libra!

I think even if someone does say OMG or just says says three words in caps out of pure emotion, they simply get warned for it too. I know many people have been seeing it too. Though I do believe they do not warn for just OMG or LOL kind of abbreviations, I still believe a bit more leniency is still required. While some people just use exclamation marks, some use mere abbreviations, some also add on a couple of more words to their excitement too. At the end of the day, everyone has their own way to show it. :D

If someone does something cool and goes like "OMG DID YOU SEE THAT?!", it is clear that the person is just excited. But if someone goes like "THIS SERVER IS ######", there is your difference.

Adding to the point above, just because you are allowed to show excitement shouldn't mean everything you type can be in caps. At the end of the day, just writing it all in caps doesn't make your point any better. :coffee:

I think all it requires is just looking at the person's intent rather than just blindly warning because they are writing it in caps. :)

Once that comes in effect it becomes easier for the community too to understand why are they being warned. It is easy to understand when a person is going too far with the way they communicate too. :)

Hopefully something workable can be done about this! At the end of the day, it's just about a bit more leniency with the rule. :)


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I think its fine as it is you can say like one word in caps but like you the example you showed, "OMG DID YOU SEE THAT?!", it gets annoying. It really annoys me when people type like that sometimes. However I do agree with the intent of the person saying it should matter.


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Hello! Thanks for the suggestion!
We do not warn for single worded caps such as: "OMG" "LOL" "YAY "COOL!". I myself often use these words in capital letters. Regular players often joke around and say "Caps" when someone says something like this though. But remember, that they are not staff.

We do not allow sentences in capital letters because it becomes quite spammy. And in my opinion, there is no reason for it. I completely understand being excited and enjoying the game, don't get me wrong! But, that is what an exclamation point is for. It's really it's sole purpose. To show enthusiasm! Happiness! etc.

And I like the expression GhostLibra said. "Give an inch, and they will take a mile." This, has often proved to be very true. If we allow something, people tend to overdue it.
Someone could say something like "OMG I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!" and someone could say "HOW DO I TELEPORT TO MY TOWN?". One expresses enthusiasm, one is just to use caps for no reason. That being said, if I were to warn example 2, and not example 1 as well, we would be called "unfair". You may be able to say "Well, Just say that they were using caps out of happiness, not to be annoying". But again, people would find this to be unfair. We rather have one simple rule, than a rule with exceptions.

We would prefer to keep the rule of "No excessive caps", as it has worked very well since the start of the server. Even back on Azertu.