Christmas Event 2019


Staff member
Hello Everyone,

After 24 days of an intense countdown, it's finally here! Christmas!

Today we are presenting you with a brand new event!

| Mystery Gifts
From today till January 6th
, you will be able to find Mystery Gifts. You can find them by breaking and placing blocks, but also from killing mobs. Be aware, they aren't extremely common.

Each Mystery Gift has a unique number and shows who found it.

| Unwrapping Gifts
Once you found a Mystery Gift, you'll be able to unwrap it. This will reveal which kind of gift you received. There is a total of 11 Different gifts, 1 for each Job. However, occasionally The Grinch might destroy your gifts for absolutely no reason and you will receive coal!

Once your Mystery Gift has been unwrapped, you'll be able to visit Santa in /spawn and open your gifts using The Holy Gift.


All Gifts have the exact same rewards except for 1 item. The Celebratory Cap.

| Celebratory Cap
A Celebratory Cap is a brand new item coming to AzertuMC. There are 11 different Celebratory Caps. Again, 1 for each job.

When you equip a Celebratory Cap you will receive a 5% Boost towards your job progression and payouts. This makes it a very cool and unique item!


A Miner Celebratory Cap can only be found in the Miner Gift, A Lumberjack Celebratory Cap can only be found in a Lumberjack Gift, Etc...

We hope you enjoy the event and we would like to wish you all the best wishes for 2020!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
- The Azertu Staff Team