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Rejected Clarify "scams" in auctions

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There's currently a rule that says you cannot scam using auctions, "Scamming other users via trades, auctions and/or other transactions. ". If this includes insanely priced items, please add clarification to the rule.

Example of "insanely priced item"


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I personally wouldn't classify pricing something insanely high as a scam. I say this because the buyer has to click the item, and then click again to accept the purchase. It's their choice to pay that insane price. They aren't being tricked into buying the item, they are willingly paying that price. Although, if someone else has a different opinion on this matter, or something I did not address, I'd love to hear it:)
I agree with Rhia, I feel like a lot of players to price items like this are either doing it to meme (unfortunately) or to advertise their shop with the item name. Like Rhia said, to purchase an item there is a two step verification to buy any item which I think is a valid fail safe in these events.
For clarification of scamming in AH, I would define it as selling an item under false pretences. Such as selling a wither skull hat from /hdb as a legitimate wither skull- something that seasoned players obviously know, but new players may be oblivious too.


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Since this was my item, I want to clarify that this was a wooden tool, with unbreaking 1, named to advertise my wood shop. I priced it at 999,999 because almost nobody can afford it, so there’s little to no risk of it being purchased. There was no intention of having this item sold or to scam someone out of a million, I was just using one of my AH slots to advertise my shop rather than spam chat. If someone accidentally purchased this insane item, I would gladly immediately return the money. Happy to stop doing this if asked by staff or if it’s a rule violation. But this doesn’t seem to be that uncommon and I haven’t heard of something like this accidentally being purchased.
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