Craftable Items and or armor sets


I personally think it would be verry cool if there were special crafting recipes wich would result in special items.

Special items such as the items that are already in the server. I myself have made craftign recipes like this in my own private spigot server so
it should be possible and i myself do not find it hard to implement at all. I've searched everywhere for a server with special items that can be used in normal survival and i think its a bummer that the special items are this hard to obtain on the server.

If this suggestion sounds intresting i could even give exemples from my private server and i would also be more then happy to help with implementing it into the server. The server is already so much different from most servers and i think this addition could make the server even more fun to play on.


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what crafteble items do you have in mind, how powerful would they be and what usages would they have? Because if these are just other op weapons it would no longer make sense to buy relics and everyone would have overpowered items. That would lead to a giant price drop in terms of mythril relics. It would also take goals on the server from the players that play on it. I do not see what items you would like to include in the game, because you can already get so many different relics from mob drops or gemstones.