Died while afk, Items despawn.


No idea what happened I was afk for half a day and when I came back I was standing at spawn in a bush. All my items I was wearing had despawn because of others afk in my town also. My best guess is a player came to my town through the shop pw and pushed me into the water to drown me.



Staff member
Hi DadPat, Thank you for contacting us regarding this situation. Unfortunately we have no way of checking if/when/who may have pushed you into the water.

With regards to items you had on you despawning, that is also something we cannot do anything about. It is a very unfortunate situation but if you have active members in your town this is likely to happen, the only suggestion we can make is that you don't AFK in an area that is public and/or has an ability to be exploited by someone afk killing you.