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Replacing the "/sbt to toggle" message with the chat im in will be very usefull for a lot of players including me. a lot of the time we have to say "wc" cause we type in the wrong chat, sometimes it can be serious and accidental, by putting the chat option in scoreboard this will lower the chance of accidently talking in the wrong chat. i have shown example photos below of what it can look like. (ignore the missing 0's on "chat")1622737041457.png1619029756412.png1619029827437.png1619029876572.png1619029906591.png1622737124499.png


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oooo yes yes yes do this i agree good suggestion woot oke bye


from the new plugin update, i think, one should be 'Private' as if you do for example '/msg NotCoolMax', it treats it as a normal channel like 'General'. Apart from that, this would be useful