Edit Signs that are already placed

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Is it possible to add a Plugin that makes it Possible to edit Signs?
It would be pretty useful for changing the prices of Chestshops without retyping the whole sign!(especially for those who have bulkshops for Potatos)

like this one where you can Sneak + Right-click to edit the sign which is already placed
This would be amazing and it would improve efficiency on editing chest shop sign prices


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Editing signs is part of the essentials plugin, so this might be easily implemented, could maybe add it as a perk to an in-game rank, apprentice perhaps or something similar. If I remember correctly, the chestshop plugin prevents edits by non-ops, even with the sign edit permission, but this might have been changed since the last time i used it. Either way, just editing normal signs would be a nice QoL improvement, I like this suggestion