Enabling /party

Almost everyday i see staff saying players to use a different channel for talking alot.
Well it doesnt really work tho,
Local wont work people dont just talk when they are close to each other
Town wont work if they are from different towns
And /r only works between 2players

What really could fix this is the /party, people would make parties and talk there if its just related to them instead of "spamming" general chat.

Now i know the party system that comes with Mcmmo was probably disabled because of XPShare, well if this is the cause then there might be a solution.

In the permissions all needed to do is remove mcmmo.commands.party.expshare,, if i remenber correctly xpshare default is off when its unlocked and without that permission theres no way to toggle it


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This is a great suggestion, it will solve many of my problems with trying to communicate with other towns that arent in my nation and will lower chat flood in general chat.