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Hello Everyone,

Today we will bring you a brand new event we have been working on over the past couple of weeks.
Hopefully, you guys enjoy it!

The Dungeon Gates will open shortly...

During the time of the event, you will be able to find dungeon keys by breaking blocks. With these keys, you'll be able to enter either one of 3 dungeons. Those 3 dungeons are hidden in the spawn. You'll need to find one of each key in order to be able to access each and every dungeon. Every dungeon has its own reward.

Make sure you have space in your inventory!!!

| The Maze Dungeon
The maze dungeon is, well, a maze... Make your way through and meet The Superior Golem (which is not made out of obsidian). He will be able to give you an awesome reward so you can curse Minecraft just like him!
Make sure to open chests in the maze in order to receive some small boosts... Or maybe not?

| The Parkour Dungeon
The parkour dungeon is probably the hardest one. Elytra's are forbidden and Jump Boost & Speed effects will be disabled to make the challenge a bit harder. (Please don't hate us!) Once you make it to the end, You'll meet The Almighty Bacon Lord and who knows what he's got for you!

| The Monster Dungeon
Initially, we wanted to create a dungeon with spooky scary skeletons and groaning zombies. however, when the build was completely finished and we took off for the night, The Dark Lord has inhabited our dungeon... We had no control over this and the dungeon is now infested with Evil Sheep... Don't ask, just please kill them for us... Even the Dark Lord himself could use some help killing his own species, and therefore he will reward you if you manage to kill 16 of them! They are a bit shy, so you'll have to look for them.

I'd Like to give a big shoutout to the staff team (Especially to Euie) for creating the builds for the entire event.

Please Let us know what you think and goodluck to everyone participating!

(The Event will last till Sunday, August 25th, 11.59PM)
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My first event on azertu :)) can't wait to start it when I get home from vacation. Good luck to everyone! ;)


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I'm looking forward to it :)


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My first azertu event! Thank you staff! I know it's gonna be great! :D


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Could some sink for the keys be added? Since one can only complete each dungeon once for a reward.
Maybe a guy that lets you trade one of each key (so 3 in total) for a summer Tagger?