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I agree that Farmer 50 was OP with autoreplant. Anyone who thinks that the nerf to crops yesterday affected by auto-replant has no idea how Farmer works with that mechanic. I agree that the change needed to happen, but I think it was only half of the solution of “rebalancing” farmer.

It’s been said regularly that staff tests the jobs at level 50 through the most efficient route. While that works for a job like chef, miner, blacksmith, etc., those jobs do not fundamentally change at any point. Farmer does. Before the nerf, Farmer was balanced for level 1-29, and OP for level 30-50, paying 4x too much exp. With the nerf, farmer 50 now pays the correct amount of money and EXP, but farmer 1-29, which was still a little below target exp pay before the nerf at around 4k exp/hour with the most efficient techniques, had those techniques reduced by a factor of 4, to around 1k exp/hr. That means it takes farmers 5 times longer to get to level 30 than any other job - that’s hundreds of hours.

I’m not suggesting we change those core crops, though, because it would again make Farmer 30-50 OP. What I’m suggesting is providing another route to level Farmer for those first 29 levels, be it pumpkins/melons, cacti, or cocoa beans. The most efficient of those options is currently pumpkins/melons, at max efficiency (instabreak axe, haste 2, speed 2) yields about 3k exp/hr. It is worth noting that, to sustain that gain for an hour or longer, you not only need a farm that spans over 200 chunks, you also need perfect harvesting technique, which takes practice, and a fast axe with high unbreaking. I know this because on season 1 I had a pumpkin farm that was 3x6 chunks and 15 levels (effectively 270 chunks of farm - the minimum to be able to continuously harvest for hours at a time) and actually won the first ever weekly challenge by harvesting 525,000 pumpkins over 9 days of 12+ hours of grinding with a demagorgon axe each day - you can check with Snduri and Feuer on this. Even on Azertu, the solution there was to use cocoa beans, which didn’t pay as much exp as other crops with autoreplant, but did pay much closer to target than those other crops for the first 25 levels without autoreplant, in addition to autoreplant coming at level 25 instead of 50, the equivalents to Stick s2’s level 15 and 30 perks.

So, with that said, I propose 2 possible solutions. One would be to rebalance pumpkins/melons to yield the same exp as stone does for miner, 0.12, instead of the current 0.08. Not only do pumpkins require much more setup than stone does, you’re also limited to a 2x1 lane instead of stone’s vast proliferation underground. This would bring pumpkins/melons to ~4.5k exp/hour, and substantially alleviate this issue. Something similar could also be done with cocoa beans. My other solution would be to, instead of balancing pumpkins/melons, drop the autoreplant perk to level 15 instead of 30 since it is something that drastically affects the viability of the Farmer job and was the first job perk back on Azertu, move mob nets to level 30, and forget about pumpkins. The first 15 levels would still be the slowest of any job by far, but it’s much more attainable than the million crops currently required to reach Farmer 30.

I was really excited for autoreplant in season 2, and I do agree that Farmer 50 started out extremely unreasonable. But the nerf to potatoes/beets/carrots/etc was only the first half of a solution to properly balance Farmer. I know SirK and Salad test every job at level 50, but because of the unique circumstances with Farmer, it should be tested at level 29 as well (to represent extremely slow pay for the first 29 levels). Or, at least test some crop like melons/pumpkins at level 50 and adjust exp pay for that, so we have something reasonable for the first 29 levels. I love the job and the server, and post this because I care enough to do the math and present the issue, not because I want to whine about Farmer 50 being nerfed - that was necessary. Thanks for reading.
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