I would like to bring up the idea of the job Fisherman and possibly allowing relics to be caught by fishing or adding some type of fishing relics or sea relics, maybe cool custom sea treasures to expand on the Relic collections. The only way to find relics other than essence is mob drops, which mobs only spawn at night, i believe that if we added relic drops to fishing it would cut back on people grinding mob farms all day and night. Now people might say this will bring all the Relic prices dropping because there would be more ways to achieve them. Well if we have fishing for relics in the day and killing mobs for relics and night we could make it so mobs only drop relics during the night, and fishing for relics only drop relics during the day, this would steer the server into becoming less of a farm fest. People Also might say why would there be relics in the sea, the answer to that is that they come from shipwrecks. (Also I'd like to mention if we added a Fisherman job that would allow more of an income for people who like getting enchanted books and collecting all the sea blocks and all that. It would also increase the enchanted book stock which hasn't been so strong lately.) Just a few ideas, I'd like to hear opinions on em. Thanks!
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