Golemco Creative writing 2.0


Golemco is now hosting the 2nd not annual, not monthly but when we feel like it Creative writing competition info below!

1. the prize is 45k! And a mithril core!
2. This is the theme
A golem that decides to run a small quaint town but ends up being famous for labor and underpaying workers but a friendly obsidian golem comes around and makes their town the most successful in the world!
3. we didn't get many submissions last time but I hope this prize is encouraging to people
4. me bunnies and maybe golem will start judging on June 20th (sorry if that's too short but it can be short!)
5. post them in the reply's below!
6. everyone can participate
7. Good luck everyone!
8. winner will be announced on June 23rd
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