Happy Birthday AzertuMC!


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Hey Everyone!

Today we are celebrating the second anniversary of AzertuMC! On January 28, 2018, we opened Azertu for the very first time. It's been a crazy 2 years and we would like to thank every single one of you for being here with us today. We never thought our silly little towny server would make an impact on this many people and we are extremely happy that we were able to make Minecraft a slightly better place.

As you might be aware, we, the server admins have been collecting data to make sure the server operates as smoothly as possible. Now, today we are willing to share this data with you to give you a better insight behind the scenes.

| Global Statistics :cool:

Server opened on January 28, 2018
Close to 150.000 Registered Users With 1788 Active Banned Accounts
All players' playtime combined resulting in 323.072 Hours Total Playtime
Over 3000 Discord Members with an extra 1094 Banned Accounts
Over 500 Unique Players daily
With Miner Job being the most popular, players have currently acquired a total of over $1.500.000.000
Currently, over 660 currently active towns that have claimed close to 50.000 Chunks in total
Monthly Average of 70.65 Million Blocks Broken
Monthly Average of 8.11 Million Blocks Placed
Monthly Average of 3.85 Million Mobs Killed
Monthly Average of 3.05 Million Items Crafted
Monthly Average of 27.41 Million Items Smelted
Monthly Average of 130 Thousand Items Consumed (Food & Potions)
Monthly Average of 222 Thousand Chat Messages
Monthly Average of 1202 Players Killed in PvP with Bows being an all-time favorite weapon in pvp.
Monthly Average of 5175 Players Dying

Isn't that impressive?! But, of course, we have more stuff to show you!

| Nerd Stuff :geek:

Average of 19.95 TPS
Average of 10.52% CPU Usage
Average of 8.3 GB RAM Usage
Average of 5579 Entities loaded
Average of 4946 Chunks Loaded
Total Server File size: 236 GB
Main World File Size: 15.8 GB


We have reached thousands of players all over the world and we are extremely happy about this achievement.

| Massive Sale ;)

We would like to thanks every single one of you for being here today with us. and because of that, we will be hosting the biggest sale on our store to date. From today till Sunday, February 2nd, 11.59 PM EST we will have a massive 50% sale on ALL PACKAGES!

Go check it out! Visit The Store

| Special Announcement :oops:

On top of all that, we would like to make a special announcement.
Yes, AzertuMC is still on 1.12.2. An old version of Minecraft which is now over 2 years old. We understand a lot of you would like us to update the server and this is what this announcement is about.

As you might know, Minecraft version 1.13 and 1.14 have been extremely hefty on performance. It was not feasible for us to update the server simply because we could not guarantee a lag-free experience. On top of that, we have tried multiple times to convert our current world to a 1.13+ version but due to our world being this large, it sadly kept corrupting. This is why we never updated the server. Well, Thanks to your guys' support on our server store, we have been able to invest in some new server software. This new software should, in theory, make it possible to run our server in version 1.15 with little to no lag. However, the world we currently all live in still corrupts every single time we attempt to update to a new version. This means that if we want to update the server to Minecraft 1.15 we would have to start in a new fresh world. We know some of you might dislike this idea and that's why we have not properly addressed this issue because we wanted to avoid the controversial topic of "Server Reset".

We strongly believe a server reset is an inevitable thing coming to the server eventually. Today we will confirm that there will be a server reset in the future. However, we don't want to simply reset everything just for a new world and some new blocks. We will rebuild AzertuMC from scratch and with our years of experience, we can optimize performance, even more, enhance gameplay even more and work towards the future. like we have never before. We have been re-coding massive plugins to make sure this reset will brings new features to the server as well. Please keep an eye on the "#server-polls" channel in Discord as we will frequently make polls and ask for your opinion.

Please keep in mind. This reset is not going to happen any time soon. It will be at least a couple of months till this happens as we would like to take our time to make sure everything is as smooth as butter. We will make new announcement posts regarding this in the future. These future posts will contain a lot more details regarding this matter. Obviously now that we announced this bomb of controversy we will try our best to complete this task as soon as possible.

Controversial topic short... WE ARE NOT RESETTING ANY TIME SOON! But we still felt the need to share this with you all.
We ask you kindly to not freak out over this and limit the conversation about this topic as again, it is not happening any time soon.

| That was it for today's post!

Once again we would like to thank you all for being here with us today!

Happy Birthday, AzertuMC :D


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woooooooooo happy bday azertu


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Not gonna lie, would love a server refresh!
Happy Birthday, Azertu. :)


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Happy Birthday Azertu!


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hbd to my favorite server <3 been on it for almost a yearrr :O


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Thanks SirK

btw... smooth as silk maybe? I'm not sure about butter.

my butter is hard, spreads in chunks and tears the shit out of my bread. LOL

Thank you for the update and explanations
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At first I was like, "Noooooo!!!! All my hard work...."

But after I got used to the idea, I am like, "Bring it on! Reset the server! Do it now!"... lol


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R. I. P.
poor azertu :'((