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How to easily find Ancient Debris! (netherite)


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This is a guide so you can find yourself:

Netherite, Ancient Debris

The best metal in game!!

There are lots of ways to easily find Ancient Debris, for example

Beds (use it, it is the cheaper out of all)

End Crystal (don't use it)

Pickaxes (not recommended, however you will need one to mine Ancient Debris)

Let's get to the list of things that you should bring to find Ancient Debris:

Diamond Pickaxe with Efficiency 2, so you can Insta Mine netherrack.
Beds (at least 1 shulker box full of them)

Full armor, so you get protected.
Fire Resistance 8:00 potions, so you don't burn in lava.
A Clean Inventory!

You are good to go!


If you would like to bring gold armor to distract piglins, do that, but i don't recommend it, though.
And mine at Y~15!!

I hope this helped you to find your first pieces of Ancient debris!
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Tnt is disabled, and you forgot to add the fact that you should mine for netherite at y 15.
You still have tnt added, It's best to just remove that mention altogether to avoid any confusion.
These forums are for StickyMC, not single-player. It's better if it's removed so anyone that sees it can avoid confusion.
Maybe instead add a small mention most people would gloss over for newer players who aren't aware?