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How to make Money in StickyMC!


This guide will teach you everything you need to know on making money in StickyMC!

There are 7 Jobs to choose from in StickyMC. Each giving you something to do, and each giving very different amounts of money. Miner, Lumberjack, Digger, Farmer, Hunter, Blacksmith and Chef. To join any of said jobs, use the command ./jobs and inspect the GUI.
1600116755798.png 1600117001358.png (Should look like this)

Keep in mind, none of this information is 100% accurate, it is rather an estimate of how much you can make. Most estimates are taken from levels 20-30 in jobs.

Miner is most commonly used by players that tend to mine out chunks, or just mine in general. If you're using haste 2 and efficiency 5, you'll get the instabreak effect, which means you can mine out areas incredibly quick. You can average around 20$ per pay depending on your level if you're doing this constantly. If you do this for a full hour, you'll make around 14,000$.

Lumberjack is among the less popular jobs, it can get quite boring very quickly, and has some average pay. There is no longer a way to instabreak logs, so this can get very repetitive very quick. You can average around 15-20$ per pay if you're doing this constantly. If you do this for a full hour, you'll make around 10,000$.

Digger is one of the more common jobs, it's easy to do and is almost identical to miner, except you're going to be mining dirt, sand and anything you would use a shovel for. You can average around 20$ per pay depending on your level if you're doing this constantly. If you do this for a full hour, you'll make around 14,000$.

Farmer is another job that is chosen by a few players, but isn't very common. Farmer gives very low pay, and is hard to do because most of the crops you get paid for, you have to replant. You can average around 10$ per pay if you're doing this constantly. If you do this for a full hour (Assuming you're not replanting) You can make around 7,000$.

Hunter is the most popular job on the server. This is mainly due to the fact that it's easy to grind, and makes good money. Most people the grind hunter will use a Guardian Farm, as shown here:
. You can average around 90$ per pay depending on your level if you're doing this constantly. If you do this for a full hour, you'll make around 60,000$.

Blacksmith is one of the worst jobs in the server. This is because it is incredibly hard to level, and gives terrible pay. To get to blacksmith level 50, you would need about 8,000,000$ Worth of materials. The worst part is that if you want to get paid properly for this job, you have to click each craft individually. You can't shift+left-click stacks of armor pieces into your inventory. It is unknown how much you can make per tick, as everyone goes at different speeds and has different ways of crafting. All that is known is that you will make almost no profit whatsoever, as the cost of materials is more then the outcome.

Chef is another uncommon job, this is because you only start to make good money at a high level. Like blacksmith it is unknown how much can be made per pay, because everyone goes at different speeds.

Keep in mind, changing jobs will result in your current job level to reset! So once you make a decision, stick with it.

This spreadsheet can inform you on job payouts, keep in mind this information may not be correct, look carefully at the chart to make sure you're getting the correct information.

I should mention that there are no official server shops. Players have created their own shops in towns, here is a list of the most used shops in the server.

Travel to a shop using ./t spawn (ShopName)
- Shop
- C
- R
- Aldi
- Allanon
- Wood
- Sell

Making your own shop is nothing easy, it requires many hours of work and a large amount of money to begin with.
The base of a shop surrounds around something called a chestshop. Chest-shops require proper formatting.

Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a chestshop!

Step 1: Place your sign onto the chest.

Step 2: Put your IGN onto the first line of the sign.

Step 3: Put the amount of blocks/items you want to sell at a time. (Recommended 1, 8, 16, 32, or 64)

Step 4: Put the Buy/Sell price onto the third row of the sign.

Step 5: Put the item name onto the fourth row.

If you did it correct, you should see this message in chat:

Congratulations!!! You just made your first chest-shop!

You're going to need a place to put this chest where people can access it, your best choice is to make your own town, and use the command /t toggle public, This will make it possible for other players to teleport to your town freely and Buy/Sell from your chests!

Remember to put money in your bank using /t deposit (Amount) Otherwise your town will fall, and players will be able to loot it freely.


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does your job level reset when changing jobs? if so then include it.


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very cool, and useful, ty :), also, i think that the job level resetting is a bug? Not sure, but if it is, it definately should get fixed
no need the guide is for you to learn how to make money
First of all, making money directly relates to jobs in fact it's the best method. Second, this isn't your post, you can't tell me what to put in it. I already added what walker said to avoid confusion from other people.
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If you really wanna know my reasoning (and I have a reason for everything) it was a suggestion to clarify an important piece of info since why not try to improve it. While I'm here I did quite like the guide due to its informative-Ness.