How to use a player warp (pw) efficiently


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There are a bunch of commands you have available to you. You can type /pw help into chat and it will list them for you but if you don't want to lose them in amongst the daily chatter they are listed below, along with some helpful tips about each command.

/pw set <>
This will set the player warp to where you are currently standing.

/pw remove <>
If you want to delete your player warp you will need to type this twice to confirm. If you are too slow it will just keep asking you to retype it. I suggest just hitting the up arrow instead of typing it out again as it's a lot quicker.

/pw removeall <player>
Just like above, but instead of deleting one by one you can delete them all at once.

/pw desc set/remove <> <desc>
A very helpful tool if your player warp is something like 'Stall', 'GarageSale'... where it may not say exactly what you sell. You only have limited (under 50 characters) space to write something. Using keywords is best, tell people what you sell or buy.

/pw open <category> (Town / Shop / Farm / Grinder / Other)
You can access this three ways. The first being what is written above, using a category of choice. Or you can look at all categories by typing /pw open. Or simply just typing /pw brings up the main GUI. Categories are explained a little further along but I find it super helpful to list your PW into a category. With so many PW's on the server, sorting through the 'all' list can take forever and if I just want to find a shop I am only going to look in the shops category. Shops that aren't listed there are going to be losing out on business.

/pw amount
This will tell you how many player warps you have. We all have the ability to set 5. So if you lose track you can check with this command.

/pw icon set/remove <>
You've probably seen that some shops have different icons and others have an ender pearl. The ender pearl is the starter icon that every pw is given when they are first made. To set your shop apart from the rest choose something that relates to your store. It can be a mob head, a block, a crafted item or something from the head database (/hdb). Anything really. Just hold it in your hand and type the command above.

/pw category <> <category> (Town / Shop / Farm / Grinder / Other)
Setting your player warp to a category makes it easier for people to find you in amongst all the other player warps. You'll notice in the /pw GUI screen, underneath the two books there is a House, Bag with a $ sign, Pumpkin, Spawner and a Block with a ? These relate to the categories listed above. If you click on one of those you will only see player warps that have been listed in those categories so you don't have to sift through dozens of others to find what you want. I, personally, am one that uses the categories instead of sifting through the masses and have probably overlooked your store if you don't have it listed in a category. Want more business? List your shop in the shop category today.

/pw rate <> <1-5>
Rating a store helps put it at the top of the list. You want to get good ratings to get your store noticed. It doesn't hurt to put a sign out asking customers to rate your store if they liked it.

/pw ban set/remove/list <> <player>
Yes, you can ban a player from TPing into your player warp. This is not a Towny Ban though. If your player warp is inside a town they can still TP into your town just not directly to your player warp.

/pw reset <>
If you redecorate or simply want to move your landing spot for your player warp, this is how you do it. Just go and stand in the new spot and type the command above.

/pw rename <> <>
Command for renaming your player warp.

/pw setowner <> <player>
You can give your player warp to another player, as long as they don't already have the max (5) player warp count.

/pw favourite <>
Like a shop and don't want to flick through the pages to find it every time? You can favourite it and type /pw and click on the green book at the top. Any player warp you favourite will go there, so no more sorting! (Yes it is spelled with a 'u' in Favourite).