Rejected Increase Mob Cap

Would you like to see an increase to the mob cap or an increase in creeper payout?

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Increasing the mob cap to say 40 mobs per 32 blocks would benefit the server. It's to my understanding that the mob cap is in place due to lag. Taking water dispensers out of the mix removed the bulk of the servers lag. If it ends up causing more lag, then by all means reduce it to 35 and so on.
Since players are now unable to make mob farms with water dispensers or any type of retracting water flow, there should be more of a reason to encourage the use of darkrooms, being that pulsing water flows are really the only way to make mob farms. Yes there are creeper farms, but being how labor intensive they are I don't see many people making them. But if people do make them (such as myself), they are about 1/2 as efficient as old mob farms so there is really no massive incentive to make one.
Filling in the Economic Void
There is no massive economic void, but definitely something worth nothing. The majority of players relied on the old mob farms to make money via the hunter jobs and obtaining & selling relics as a result of mob farms. Yes there are more miners than hunters, but many players relied on mob farms as a steady source of income. Creepers pay out around 25% less with the hunter job. Pair that 25% less pay with the 1/2 efficiency of a creeper farm compared to the old mob farms, you're making significantly less money. Raising the mob cap would fill in some of that lost income.

My suggestion is to increase creeper payout or increase mob cap. I am more in favor of the mob cap increase.


Something worth noting that since the in-game currency exchange for ranks makes it difficult for players to get the ranks with /fly, building creeper grinders will take more effort and more time. Fliers are already having difficulties with building these things and as far as I know, less than 4 people are building creeper grinders right now. Making money is even harder now that the Hunter Job is somehow nerfed because of that water flow issue that causes significant lag. Public creeper grinders cannot accommodate the influx of new players now that the off-peak hours of the server reaches player count of >20 instead of last year's <15 even below 10.

I also noticed that the increase in job payouts from level 48 hunter to level 50 hunter is only $3.00 when grinding creepers ($30.00 per creeper at level 48 compared to $33.00 per creeper at level 50.). The grinding time to reach these levels are already hard enough to achieve due to present conditions and I would want to suggest that this needs to be tweaked due to the obvious fact that it is quite unfair that the difference in these levels are so less when the effort it took to reach it is too much (effort = time spent on a grinder and being "lazy").

The recent job tweaks already asserted the dominance of Hunters in the server but the payout is still significantly less and inefficient compared to Hunter. Now that the hoppers transfer items slowly than they used to, the farms that rely on hoppers to collect the items are now going to be extremely inefficient. Sure the total transfers in a specific time is the same but, the consistent flow of items on the hoppers while the transfer rate is slow will inevitably fill the hoppers before they even transfer everything to the next.
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