Intro the The Council and Council Meeting of August 1st, GolemCo and Loraxes Treaty.


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Hello, I am Desu, head of the Council of Azertu, *not affiliated with Azertu's staff*, other members of the Council are Obsidian_Golem, head of GolemCo, and Valtek, head of the Loraxes. There will be more additions to The Council but for now that is all. The goal of The Council is to provide a Sticky experience with No War!

This is a thread for anyone who would like to say anything about today's trial, involving GolemCo and the Loraxes. The Trial ended with a treaty stating that GolemCo will no longer do any illegal deforestation, will clean up their town, and will provide better care and plots for their residences.

Here is a transcription of today's trial.
Thank you @vampirelover69 for transcribing.

Thank you, The Council
Be sure to read the transcription everyone, it took a lot of effort <3


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wow I didn't even know I was on the council, but yeah secret government sounds pretty cool. Oh also yeah no war.