Job Monopolies


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I've noticed most jobs that there's "The One Method" that is also "The Only Method".

tl;dr - Rebalance jobs so we have options, make rarer stuff pay more and try encourage the economy to flow instead of stagnate where everyone does everything themselves.


Chopping 2x2 spruce trees is the One and Only method because all other tree types are valued equally but are considerably harder to collect thus the supply for spruce would be incredibly high if turning it into coal blocks didn't pay 15x more.
As a result not only is there very little stock for logs with relatively high prices, it's not even worth selling spruce logs due to Chef being the highest paying job creating huge demand for coal blocks (Separate issue).


Even though creepers are valued less than all other mobs on paper they are still worth far more than them in practice for similar reasons.
Why should a Creeper be worth more than a Wither Skeleton when it's incredibly risky to setup a Wither Skeleton farm? Or a rare Ghast be valued the same as a Zombie? Or Enderman that are now quite rare because there is no end dimension be worth less than half as much as Creepers and even less than Wither Skeletons?


Then there's Chef which only buys potatoes in the later levels because early on you lose money for buying them resulting in Chef's being forced to take the Farmer job to farm their own potatoes that carries onto the late-game resulting in a stagnant market.
Not to mention the very fact that potatoes are "The Only Method" of the Chef job since crafting bread actually pays Less than potatoes even though it takes More effort to get it, same with Golden Carrots, Soup, Steak, Pie etc.
Then we come to Fish, the jobs are supposed to work together so the economy keeps flowing but fish are worth as much or Just Barely more than potatoes despite the Incredibly vast difference in supply thus no-one buys fish except when they get sick of potatoes making the Fisherman job as useless as Hunter as far as the materials it produces.


There isn't much to say about Digger since we all know how pointless it is resulting in a shortage of dirt, gravel, clay and sand.
Briefly, why is red sand worth the same as regular sand when it's 10x as rare and found in very small quantities? Why is gravel worth the same when it's also rarer and arguably more useful as a material?
People only buy digger supplies in bulk because they expect someone to collect them and be rewarded purely on the material cost and don't expect any actual diggers to have the supplies on hand.
Case in point, it's considerably quicker and more efficient to use TNT to collect sand than to actually have the Digger job unless you're level 40+ in it but even then you're sacrificing a higher paying job for one of the least paid jobs.

This causes problems for everyone especially builders that rely on a variety of materials being available and reduces the variety/options in jobs because doing anything other than "The Only Method" is shooting yourself in the foot.

One problem that may arise is that you can place blocks then mine them to collect the same reward, if certain blocks are made too valuable this will become a problem but no price will ever reach the point where it's better to do it this way.

As far as positives go, Fisherman is a good early-game job, Lumberjack is a good early-mid game job (Insta-Mine axe required else it's terrible), Hunter is a decent enough job and Miner/Chef obviously are good jobs (Chef is more a late-game job though).

Clearly there will always be "The One Method" that is the most profitable, there won't ever be a pure balance where everything is as good as everything else, my problem is that at the moment we have "The Only Method" because the balance is tipped very heavily in very few directions.
Even if another method is Slightly less profitable or gives Slightly more experience at the cost of money and vice versa that'd help greatly in adding more variety for what people can choose to do.
At the moment it just screams
"I can't be bothered balancing jobs out so make everything pay the same regardless of rarity or value except for the few jobs that most veterans are used to"
and not
"Each job is valued roughly equally so you can play the game how you want to play it without worrying about taking a job that pays a fifty times less than another"
I'm not trying to say "jObS bAd u bAd" I'm pointing out a very obvious flaw with the current system, how it can be improved and why it should.

I will try and edit this post another time to include hard numbers for each job with reasons for why.