Jobs NPCS at spawn! More than just for show (Let's improve spawn pt 1)


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a) Make an NPC at spawn for each of the available jobs. The NPC can be set up with their own area, fisherman by the docks, blacksmith by the forge, chef in the bar with bartender salad, farmer by rhia's farm, and so forth.

b) Interacting with the NPCs opens a gui where you can learn the basics about the job, but also view the specialized recipes available to them (such as sponges, infused breads) and special perks (how to use salvage, etc.)

c) you can exchange items to the specific job npcs (like with the shady merchant) to craft a job orb for their orb. recipe varying from job to job, involving ingredients relating to the job. (10 diamond blocks + 3 netherite ingot + 1 emerald block + 1000 igm) for blacksmith or (1 stack jungle logs, 1 stack acacia logs, + 1 stack of spruce leaves, 32 dark oak seeds, 32 apples +1000 igm) for lumberjack

d) NPCs can give a random job task, once a day, which once completed the player can pick between a job orb for the job or a small money reward. "Craft 1,000 iron chestplates" or "catch 1,000 cod" or whatever seems fair. they can only perform 1 job a day, regardless of how many jobs they have.

e) make players need to reach apprentice rank before they can exchange for job orbs

f) make players reach squire before they can receive job requests

g) at duke rank players can take 1 daily job from both of their jobs (2 total without donor rank. players with 3 jobs do to donor rank would still be restricted to 2 daily job tasks)

h) at archduke they can take 1 daily job from each of their 3 total jobs

i) emperor can take 1 daily job from each of their 4 total jobs

j) once a player reaches lvl 25 of their job they can talk to that job npc and get the "apprentice (job)" in game tag for 10,000 igm and once they reach lvl 50 they can get the "master (job)" in game tag for 100,000 igm and if lvl 65 is approved as an emperor perk, once they reach lvl 65 in the job they can pay 1,000,000 for the "Legendary (job)" tag

(This suggestion is hopefully the first in a serious of installments that will hopefully make spawn more active, which could potentially have a tremendous effect on new players that join the server and see other players walking around spawn)