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Classifying legendary relics is the required process to giving your item a price tag.
Anyone who is looking to buy or sell legendary relics should have learned the basics of classification as to not overpay or undersell items.

There are 3 steps to classification, each having different priorities and abilities.

Step 1: Identifying Popularity
This is by far the easiest step, popularity is the demand or how often your item is going to be used.
If your item is going to be used for grinding a job, that's good, if it's going to be used for grinding popular jobs, that's even better.
A few jobs to watch out for on items would be Miner, Hunter, and Fisher, as these are the most "Popular" Jobs.

To sum up the popularity step, if your item is used in a common job grind, you have a higher chance of it being worth something.

Step 2: Identifying Condition
Condition in an item is how long it can be useful for, this means having mending and/or a high unbreaking level.
Of course the desired condition in an item is having mending and unb5+, though items with just mending can also be useful depending on the job.
Jobs like Hunter and Fisher only rely on mending, due to their ability to gain EXP fairly quick. Miner on the other hand required a high unbreaking level along with mending, as it's going to be more difficult to gain EXP while mining.

Condition can be summarized as the level of Unbreaking and if Mending is present on said item.

Step 3: Identifying Quality
Quality is the level of enchants on an item relating to it's use. Below is a list of items and their desired enchants.
Armor Mending, Protection, Unbreaking, Any Form of Sub-Protection.
Swords Sharpness, Sweeping Edge, Unbreaking, Looting,
Pickaxes Mending, Efficiency 9+, Fortune, Unbreaking
Axes Mending, Efficiency, Unbreaking
Fishing Rods Mending, Lure
Shovels Mending, Efficiency, High Unbreaking
Hoes Mending, Efficiency, Unbreaking, Fortune
Bows Mending, Infinity, Flame, Power, Unbreaking

For any item to be worth anything, it's desired enchants must be at a good level, pickaxes are close to worthless if their efficiency isn't above 9, this is because players want to be able to insta-mine ores. Unbreaking is huge on things like Shovels, Pickaxes, and Hoes, all because of their uses. No 2 items are alike, and each one has a different set of requirements it must fill to be considered useful.

Classification Priority

Item prices can vary heavily depending on the 3 classifications, but it's important to know what to prioritize when setting a price tag.

#1 For an item to be even used, it of course has to be useful. Your item may fit a good condition and popularity, but it's still going to be worthless with a bad quality. Quality is by far the most important classification, without it your item is going to be worth the same as dirt.

#2 Condition is going to be the second most important classification, if you want to sell your item for a good price the buyer is going to want to get good use out of it. Why pay 100k for an item that will only last a day? Mending will add significant value onto your item due to it's increased condition.

#3 Last comes popularity. Just because popularity isn't better than quality or condition, doesn't mean it's bad. People are still going to want items that will help with select job grinds. Some jobs may not require an item at all, like Chef and Blacksmith.

Legendary Relic Tiers

Legendries fall into one of four tiers, each being better than the last, we'll cover those below.

Tier 4 - Garbage The items that are considered to be "Garbage" are those that have no use other than being scrap. One of these items can be pointed out as having no useful enchants, or incredibly low level enchants.

Tier 3 - Vanilla The "Vanilla" tier items are those that are either identical or very similar to their vanilla counterparts. These are considered to have some use to the newer players, and are often sold at the same price of normal vanilla items.

Tier 2 - Adequate This tier is what many players consider to be useful and what they use today. These legendries can often be compared to mithrils of the same item type, having the same value or enchants.

Tier 1 - God-Like This tier is considered to be the pinnacle of items inside StickyMC. It is said that very few of these items even exist today, considering how hard they are to obtain. A good way to identify these items are items that fit all their Desired enchants at either near or at the max level possible, along with being used in a popular job.

Legendary Pricing

Pricing items is the final step, and the result of all the above information.

Tier 1 Items Tier 1 items can be worth anywhere from 250k to 400k, depending on the buyer.

Tier 2 Items Tier 2 items are worth near or around the price of their mithril counterparts, this being around 50k-120k

Tier 3 Items Tier 3 items are worth the same as their vanilla versions, and can be priced at around 5k-15k

Tier 4 Items Tier 4 items are valued as scrap, and should be used in that manner, they are worth 1k-3k


There is a select "Brand" of legendries, that are considered to be excluded from all of the above information.
These can be referred to as "Exotics"

As of 3/27/2021 Legendries have been changed so they only contain enchants that are "useful" to the item they're on.
Before this date legendries would spawn with completely random enchants, and would result in things like This

These items have little to no market, and are a collectors item for the time being. If you find an item that follows this criteria, please note that it may be excluded from the above information and have a different price-range.

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