List of Possibilities


TLDR: Read number 7 at least...

1. Weekly challenges should get something more than just a trophy. Some weeks are more competitive than others but each one involves a good amount of work. 1st to 3rd should receive a mythril core + 5 frags, 5 frags, 3 frags in that order.(just a possibility).

2. Adjust names of some relic drops to pay respect to major contributors (Hydra). -or- Very high in game ranks (Emperor/King/etc...).

3. /pvp warp and a kill leaderboard.

4. Some form of higher tier items. I know the current Mythril tier is not easy to get but it isn't extremely hard either. I know not everyone likes the long grind but for some like me I'm running out of goals to achieve. I've only been playing on here for a few weeks but still have arguably very high/almost max gear.

5. A way to /withdraw amounts of money to an item that can later be used and the money returned to bal.

6. Have friend notifications that say if people from your friends list log off or on.

7. The largest issue I see is the lack of goals overall. There is of course the towny and having the best town/house/nation but there isn't much else. The weekly challenges are good but not worth it (See issue 1) Pvp exists but doesn't have any reward. Creating shops are good but we don't have enough of an economy to support all the duplicate shops. The argument can be made that the Towny part is the main focus at the end of the day but even in that part goals are lacking. There aren't any competitions or appreciation given to the amazing builders on this server. I know it's just another weekly thing but it would be really easy to organize a building competition once every two weeks. The winning builds could even be placed in an admin town as a "hall of fame" or something. There are so many options that allow for more end game goals than just collect items and money until you reach the end rank.

These are just a few thoughts as someone with arguably very little overall experience in the server. There are things that I may not know about at this time and I understand that. Take these how you will but I truly believe they deserve some thought.

Thank you for your time


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My thoughts on your thoughts:

1. I agree, but not as much as you have projected. you are giving first a near-complete mith essence, and while the variable nature of the value makes it hard to give an exact amount I feel safe in saying 100K+ is substantial. What about a demonic gemstone, an earth Gemstone, and 3 aqua gemstones respectively?

2. Stellar Idea! I am not sure it can be implemented though. The names are randomly assigned from a list that came with whatever mod provides them I assume. Maybe it can be added to?

3. It would be neat to see a place where people can see who the top murder hobos are. :D

4. I don't doubt you have good gear, but it is probably focused gear, like on fighting? Mining? Farming? Many sets have different focuses for different jobs. Not to mention the random legendary that pops up with ridiculously good sets of enchants. Also you mentioned in point one that you want a reward to make mith grinding easier. But here you say it is already pretty easy. It sounds to me like the problem is the market doesn't value mith despite it being top tier because it is easy enough to get. So many are in circulation right now , but that is a byproduct of ease of obtaining.

5. It is late, I am tired, and I don't understand this. lol.

6. Tab

7. We do need more goals, but keep in mind that most of the heavy lifting for all these competitions/games/challenges/rewards fall on SirK's shoulders and he is one dude. The admin team definitely alleviates some of this, but he also has to contend with bans, fixing issues when players lose their 8 frags to the shady merchant by forgetting to put the core in their BP into their inventory, and stuff like that.

7a. Weekly Challenges: Agree. The investment to win is not worth the bragging rights alone.
PvP: As this isn't a PvP server, rewarding such actions invites the wrong kind of player.
Shops: Git gud scrub. For real though, as a free market server, you have to fight for that dollar.
Build competitions: YAS GURL! Look, if winners are featured in a place similar to spawn, I'm in.