Make fisherman fun! (and, Mariner job?!)


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1 Improving fisherman!
aa) ability to make a netherite fishing rod that allows you to fish in lava (perhaps specifically only in the nether) (this would be cool for fisherman, but if the voyager job is approved and implemented it may be taken away)
ab) lava contains custom fish variants and a custom loot table for treasures? (if able to lava fish anywhere, perhaps lava loot only available in nether)
b) each biome have it's own variant of the loot table (counting the nether as a single biome, regardless of specific nether biomes. loot table could include mob eggs, nether scraps, etc. end blocks?)
c) add "old boot" to the loot table! (random leather boot legendary relic with enchantments on it? aqua affinity, depth strider, respiration, luck of the sea, etc?)
d) each biome have it's own variations of fishable fish (Squid? dolphin? divide up the tropical fish into different biomes?)
e) ability to combine caught fish with a water bucket to turn it into a fish in a bucket (bucket of cod, bucket of pufferfish, bucket of tropical fish with their variations...)
f) caught fish can have different sizes, allowing for fishing competitions to be "catch the biggest cod/salmon/libra fish (this is already one of the tropical fish variants i think)
g) fisherman pay for each fish vary based on it's size! bigger the fish, higher the pay (admittedly, this sounds difficult to implement. but sirk and salad are wizards at this shit, so...)

2) modify the fisherman job into the Mariner job! This idea is basically to add things to fisherman. ideas: craft a boat, smelt kelp into dried kelp, craft turtle helmet, craft fishing rod, prismarine blocks, smooth prismarine, dark prismarine and sea lanterns

3) make a custom mithril set armor/tools for a fisherman/mariner set that can only be obtained by fishing (such as the old boot, which wouldn't have set enchants on it, whereas "fishermans waders" or "fishermans/pirates/mariners/vikings boots" would be part of a mithril set)
Viking set could be an excuse to release the first mithril shield, and would probably be designed more for pvp purposes with a water affinity in mind?
The others wouldn't necessarily be so much geared towards pvp, so they could be leather/iron and only have enchants that benefit the fisherman job
knife with fortune, axe with sharpness, shield with protection, armor with water-based enchantments, fishing rod (set related to poseidons set. could even just be an extension/modification of poseidons, or if you prefer, replace the set)