Mapart competition


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This can be hosted either by players (if enough are willing) or by staff, but the suggestion is for there to be a monthly mapart competition where at the end of the month members of staff can act as judges to judge the maparts submitted by players, and the winner can be given a prize. Not only can this be fun for players, but the various maparts created through the competition can be duplicated and sold at playershops to increase the maparts available in game.
Idea for player hosted would still rely on a member of staff to act as judge and to hold the prize pot, but for the prize to be a cash pot of money put together by players (I am willing to donate at least 20k for the competition, I hope other players feel the same). Perhaps if hosted by staff, the prize could be a mithril essence or gemstones, or whatever staff would like to offer as a prize =]