Merry Christmas!


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Hello everyone!

First of all, Merry Christmas! We hope everyone claimed all their amazing advent calendar loot and is happy with the result.
Of course we couldn't let that be everything... Today we are announcing our actual Christmas event!

| Jingle Bells

From today on you will be able to find Jingle Bells. Yes... Jingle Bells! You can find them by breaking or placing blocks as well as killing monsters or animals. When they drop, it will broadcast in the chat for the entire server to see how lucky you were. To make it even cooler, every single Bell has a unique number.

Once you find a bell you can Right-Click to ring it for a surprise gift.

| Job Gifts

You'll Notice Santa is no longer in spawn to open the advent calendar. Instead he is now going back and forth to get you guys all the gifts.
From now on you will find Rhia the Elf guarding the "Wrapped Surprise".
The wrapped surprise is where you pickup your gifts that you've received from the Jingle Bells. All 7 Gifts represent one of the jobs. Additionally, each of the gifts has the exact same rewards with the exception of the Celebratory Cap.
Example: You open the Digger Gift, You will only be able to get a Digger Celebratory Cap.

There is a bunch of rewards you can get as well as a brand new item called the "Mystery Orb" however, in true Christmas fashion we would like to keep it a surprise of what this item actually does.

| Celebratory Caps

Celebratory caps are VERY unique Mithrils. The have the power to boost your jobs experience gain quite well.
Wearing a Celebratory Cap gives you a 5% Experience boost for the jobs it was designed for. Each job has its own Cap.

Example: To get the Hunter Celebratory Cap, you'll have to open Hunter gifts.

This event ends on January 6th

| Christmas Gear

To celebrate our amazing new texture pack we found it suiting to drop 7 limited time only Christmas Mithrils.
You are able to find them on our store.

Good luck everyone and once again Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.
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