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nokir azule

I was told, that the only thing worth working towards in this server were Mithril Relics in particular. That my goal should be to reach a high enough standing that I could create a mithril, because mithril relics actually have properly administered stats.(edited)

They do not.

I have in my hands, a Mithril Crossbow that is literally worse than my normal enchanted crossbow. How does that make any kind of sense at all? Shouldn't a Mithril Astral Crossbow, with that shiny red text and announcement in public chat and everything at least be better than some normal crossbow I can make in 5 minutes?

Not only is my normal crossbow better, but it's at least 4 times better.

My only point, is if even the Mithril items don't have properly administered stats... then what's the point of me logging in everyday nad working my way towards making one.

It's heartbreaking.... and has taken any and all motivation I had to working towards a mithril item away.


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The reason why Crossbows are kinda yuck is simply because of how Mojang designed them. Ill go over the enchantments and their level caps.

Quick Charge
Decreases the reloading time of the crossbow by `level*0.25`. This means that Crossbows with Quick Charge 3 will charge faster than regular bows. If you apply Quick Charge 5, this means the crossbow charges instantaneously. If you apply more than 5 levels, the crossbow becomes impossible to charge.

Admittedly, we can definitely improve on this specific enchant.

Makes the crossbow fire a spread of 3 projectiles at once instead of a single projectile.
There is no difference whether its level 1 or level 100, the result will always be the exact same. (its kinda like how silk touch works)

Piercing makes arrows shot from the crossbow pierce through entities and continue their flight. Each level will add 1 entity you can pierce through. in vanilla, the max level is 4. Its already a very rare case where 4 entities are lined up in a straight line, therefore adding higher levels makes it not very beneficial.

Just like any other mithril, these values go up as high as level 10.

Every single Mithril will have mending.

Curse of Vanishing
While we could add this, we specifically don't because obviously, this is a bad enchantment.

With all that being said. We will look into adding more crossbows with better Quick Charge. However, they won't be that much higher than vanilla due to the reason explained above.
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