Mithril prices


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With the recent update of the legendary enchantments, the prices of mithrils dropped. However, another reason for this price dropped was DeadmanSam’s mithril prices. In the rebuttal, it was said that Sam’s prices were just his opinions on what prices should be and that everyone can choose to list it at any price they want, however I think this is wrong. Those prices that Sam set has become the normal, players are the economy, even new players’ who just joined. They will follow what is the “norm”, which in this case would be Sam’s mithril price list. Now, the whole economy of the server fell because of this. How is it that a EFF. 9 UNB 9 w mending can go for 50k however a worse mithril tool can go for more? That’s what the economy has become right now. In my opinion, mithril should go back up, to around the 100k median it was at pre-legendary update. Any legendary items that have better stats than mithrils should be priced higher than the 100k median. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around one persons price list to have affected the economy this much.


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I would say only the top mithrils should be over 100k the rest should be low since they dont really have a use.


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Legendary items shouldn't have differed the price of mithrils, the legendary items should've been made more expensive if they're 'so good' now. Its still not as common to get something good AND useful at the same time. Imo a good legendary item is still more rare than a mithril item and should be payed more for.