My items are Stolen..

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so, Today i logged in on my account and saw that most of my items were stolen. Yesterday i still had them in my chests. My gold, iron, all my Oak logs, lapis and more are now gone. I have not claimed the land yet, because i still need more money to be a Citizen. When i came online there was no admin or someone that can help me online. I hope there is anyone that can help me get my items back.

I play this server with some friends, they often came to my area, but i know they dont take my stuff. my friends names are: Arjan06, Marvin123454321, Xpriss_


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We're very sorry that this happened to you. However, we allow theft in the wilderness- we encourage players to join a town and claim a plot there to protect their items while they are gaining the money necessary to rank up to citizen and create their own town.

I am going to close this thread- if you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to DM a staff member or create a help-requests thread on the website.
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