New custom QoL mithrils



Mithrils are outclassed by legendary relics. Only mithril I find useful would be Christmas hat. Because of Dash 5 enchantment, which is unique to Christmas hat (as far as I know, I might be wrong but I am 99% sure its the only one). Legendary relics have runestones, which are useful, but nowhere near as efficient as custom enchant are. Mithril prices are falling, and legendary relics are usually not even that expensive. I feel like more mithrils with unique to them QoL enchantments are needed.


I am not really creative person, and some of these are from other games and do not fit in server's meta, but they should give you general idea of what I mean.

Another Dash item, with 25-30% walk speed boost
Hardening - for each level take x% less damage from all sources
Hasty - for each level get x% block breaking speed boost
Archer - for each level get x% chance to shoot 2nd arrow
Life Steal - for each lvl get ability to heal x heart by damaging other mobs (even if pvp is not common on server, I feel like it shouldnt work by damaging players)

Again, most of these really do not have place in game right now, but, as I said, they are just examples for general idea. It's important that they do NOT give potion effects, such as haste for block breaking speed boost, because that will just make them useless (like how Dash does not actually give you speed, but actually boosts your walk speed by said %). Also all of them should be unique to only 1 mithril, making them not necessary, but nice QoL additions.


About obtaining them, I feel like getting them as drop from mobs or mithril essence should be disabled. Some should be server shop items (like Christmas hat) and some should be bought at in-game server shop (this way their prices would be fixated/slower to fall, and it would serve as another way to get money out of economy which is always good).

Also if you have any ideas yourself, please comment them.
I have an idea
Deflect - for each lvl get x% to negate all dmg that is less than xhearts.
Idk much at this sorta stuff so sry if this is already a thing.