New job: Voyager


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This job would use job info already available in stickymc, basically just copying, or taking, actions from other jobs.
It would consist of all the nether blocks. Copy or take warped and crimson stems from lumberjacks, copy or take all the hostile mobs found in the nether from hunter, the nether crops from farmer and so forth. As a result, the actions could be shared (both lumberjacks and voyager get pay/xp for warped/crimson etc.) or lumberjack would then only be paid/xp for overworld blocks
Job perks could include copies or variations from other jobs, as the voyager job mirrors other jobs in some manner, or it could take perks from other jobs and replace those perks with different ones.
perks that would be cool: craft lava sponges, fire resist, soul speed (perhaps this as lvl 45 perk, to keep soul speed enchant value and runestone value)