New Lobby!


Staff member
Hello Everyone,

Today we installed a new Lobby. Now, you might be wondering "what does this mean?" Well, I'll explain.

The Lobby is basically a second server on the same network (you see this with big Minecraft servers that have multiple game modes a lot). But why do we need a lobby you might wonder? No, we are not adding a new game mode. Or well, not yet... As for now, the lobby will function as a so called "fallback server". This means whenever the server crashes, restarts or we are in maintenance mode, you will end up in the Lobby. This also means you will still be able to join the server and hang around in the Lobby while we work on the Towny / Survival server. This means you will still be able to talk to other players while waiting till the server gets back online. Additionally, the Lobby has a fun little parkour you can do while waiting.

Once you are in the Lobby you can use the compass or click the NPC to return to the Survival server.

That's all for now. We simply wanted to explain the situation before you randomly end up in the Lobby not knowing where you ended up. lol