New spawner spinners/crafts for new spawners



There is number of reasons why some farms are not worth making on the server, major ones being the mob cap and nether resets. The idea behind this is to fix the problem.


Spawner spinners

The whole idea, is basically, to add higher tier spawner spinners, that would give mob spawners we cant otherwise obtain, such as wither skeleton, enderman, piglin, ghast...
Now this would shake up the meta a bit, especially with hunters, but that could be easily balanced (when I say easily I mean make them expensive to craft and not 100% to receive what u want or something, after all some spawners will be sought after more then others). Ways of getting these would be either by expensive crafts (making these spawners really expensive themselfs), or from higher tier gemstones. Now this spinners would still have a chance to give spawners from normal spinners, just with lower (or something in that format, this feature would just be there for balancing purposes).

Spawner crafts

Another idea are crafts for spawners themselves. So craft for piglin, ghast, enderman... spawners. They would have a chance to break (like 60/40 to break/not break, making them a lot more rarer then normal spawners), and would require expensive materials (maybe relic frags, bringing price of mithril essences up again, which would maybe increase mithril price for a bit at least?), or would require a special material from gemstones.

so after I wrote this I realized something so i am putting this as an edit ig. Basically, when writing this, i mostly had wither skeleton spawners in mind, trying to balance them out. I realized that other spawners could be added without wither skeleton once (for obvious reasons of shaking up the whole meta). I still think these spawners should be a lot more expensive, but maybe not by having wither skeletons in mind. for example enderman and ghast spawners Are nowhere near as broken as wither skeleton, but they should still be expensive since the point of this idea is not to make materials easier to obtain, but to make grinders more worth it to build.
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