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New Website and unfortunate events


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Hello everyone,

Today we release a brand new website for everyone to enjoy. This new websites comes with a lot of bug fixes and a completely new design. It will also be fully responsive for mobile, tablet and desktop users which is something our previous website lacked a little bit.
We hope this change will make the website a bit more popular, interactive and more user friendly.

Unfortunately this change didn't exactly go as planned.
Whilst we were updating the current website and its back end system some things went wrong and some of our data got corrupted and even though we had made full backups beforehand, the backups were not working how they should have been and we are not really sure why this happened.

What exactly does this mean?
This means all registered users and their threads, posts, ratings, etc are lost. You'll have to make a new forum account if you wish to engage with the forums again. We are extremely sorry for this inconvenience and we will try our best to not let this happen again. But, on the bright side... We have a wonderful new forum for you to enjoy!

Thanks for reading, Sorry for inconvenience once again.
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I personally feel that the changes to the website are a welcomed change! Though the corruption of files is sad think of it as a world wipe. I hope no one will be mad about the wipe, technology fails sometimes, and we just have to look at what good came of it!


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No Problems here!
Love the new website its sooo Shemxy!
Sure all of the data got erased, the good thing is that the website looks better though! Some things gotta be sacrificed.