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Hello Everyone,

Today we are adding a brand new feature to the server. Weekly Challenges!

From now on, every Monday a new challenge will arrive in spawn and the scoreboard will reset.

You can find the leaderboards by going to /spawn and turning around.

The top 3 players will receive a fancy trophy that they can brag with. The trophy is purely cosmetic and wont give any advantage. This is purely for fun. If you have suggestions on what those challenges could be, let us know in the replies on this thread!

That's all for now.
Happy Mining!


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Pumpkin relic for 1st
Enchanted blaze rods for 2nd
Special Book for 3rd


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Making furnaces so there would be a boost in the market for cobblestone.
Enchanting Books?
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We could do a challenge such as shearing sheep, or crafting concrete powder. Maybe something that requires the use of multiple different crafting materials, like making cakes!