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Rejected (Paid) Bonus XP In Jobs

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I have seen this on other games and am making a suggestion to add Bonus XP (tempararly) for jobs, i think its a great idea. How it works is that a player pays around $5-7 (any price i guess) on the stickymc store to have a "Bonus XP Party" and so every player will have Bonus XP on jobs for 30 minutes,(it is real time based, so if they log off and wait 30 minutes it will expire even if they are offline) there will be a timer somewhere (in scoreboard?), usually its 2x XP but that might be too OP so 1.5x bonus XP would be nice. for example as a Miner i would earn 0.18 Xp per stone block during the xp event, originally i would be getting 0.12 xp, this can boost the players online on the server. Multiple XP bonus packages can be purchased for more time. this would be awesome if it can be done, thanks.


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Rejected for now. However, we are planning to do something similar temporarily.
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