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In my opinion, most spawn eggs are not useful to players.

If you're like me, you probably had a spawn egg chest that looked like this in season one.


This suggestion will aim to provide a use for spawn eggs, and encourage people to open their passive/hostile mystery eggs ingame.

Part One - The Main Idea

Spawn Eggs can be turned into pets that follow the player. Any spawn egg can turn into a pet, giving a use for all of them. A pet has the ability to find Mystery Orbs, which the player can pick up and use depending on their job selections. Pets can be upgraded to help the player progress through their jobs.

Part Two - The Process

Passive and Hostile Mystery Eggs will still be obtainable from rewards gemstones.

Opening a Passive/Hostile Mystery Egg will also remain the same.

A new item called a "Pet Soul" will be added to the game.


Pet Souls will operate similarly to runestones - to use them, simply right click on a Spawn Egg of your choice. This will permanently bind a Pet Soul to that Spawn Egg, which will turn the Spawn Egg into a Relic Item.

Note - to follow suit with the Knowledge Caps, Pet Souls can be obtained by placing on the podium in Weekly Challenges.

After a Pet Soul has been bound to a Spawn Egg, the Spawn Egg will look like this:


Pets will have 5 slots for the player to customize. These slots can be filled with Job Orbs, which will dictate what items your Pet will find.

Note - Pets will have always have a 1% chance of finding Mystery Orbs no matter what slot is filled.

For this example, lets say our player has joined Miner Job, and wants their Zombie Pet to find Miner Orbs. The player must first obtain a Miner Orb (from rewards crates/vote parties), then right click on their Zombie Pet to fill the slot (similar to runestones). Here's an example:


As you can see, the player has now added one Miner Orb to their Zombie Pet. Percentage wise, this means the Zombie Pet will have a 1% chance of finding Mystery Orbs, and now a 1% chance of finding Miner Orbs. The latter percentage can be increased to 5%, if you decide to only apply Miner Orbs to your Pet. Depending on your jobs, you may want a mix:


Now, the Pet will have a 1% chance of finding Mystery Orbs, a 2% chance of finding Miner Orbs, and a 3% chance of finding Hunter Orbs.

Pets can only find Orbs when the player is gaining job experience. This prevents players from afking with their Pet and having the Pet find Orbs over time.

Part Three - Behavior

After a Pet Soul has been bound to a Spawn Egg, the Zombie Pet Egg will remain in your inventory even when the mob is spawned. If the player decides to despawn their Pet, simply right click while holding the Pet Egg.

Pets will loosely follow the player, similar to how a wolf behaves when tamed.

To prevent TP glitching, pets will be invulnerable.

If the player gathers a collection of Pets, only 1 can be used at a time.

Mystery/Job Orbs will spawn around the player when found. The player will have to run over and pick them up to use them.

Part Four - Conclusion

With this new Pet system, the player can build a library of Pets tailored to specific jobs. Not only does this fix the issue of hoarding Spawn Eggs, it also helps players progress through leveling up jobs ingame.

If you have any suggestions/comments, feel free to comment below.