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What's brackin dogs.

I have an idea to introduce a new NPC to spawn - the Quest Master.

Essentially, the Quest Master introduces daily challenges in exchange for redeemable points. These points can be spent on a variety of items obtainable on the server.

This guide will breakdown the details you need to know about this NPC.

Part 1 - Location


This building in spawn is currently not being used, which presents the perfect opportunity to place the Quest Master here.

Part 2 - The NPC


The Quest Master will appear like the Shady Merchant, and open a menu upon clicking him.

Part 3 - Home GUI


The Quest Master's home GUI will have 3 options: Today's Challenges, Monthly Progression, and Rewards Shop.

- Today's Challenges will feature 3 challenges with different point values for the player to attempt.

- Monthly Progression will track the player's progress of challenges completed.

- Rewards Shop will present the player with a number of options to spend their points on.

Part 4 - Today's Challenges


When the player clicks on Today's Challenges, they will be brought to this menu. In this screenshot, the player is viewing their 3rd daily challenge.

Below the challenge number is the objective, which could be pulled randomly from a pre-selected pool of challenges.

Below the objective is the point amount, which corresponds to the challenge number. Challenge 1 grants 1 point, Challenge 2 grants 2 points, etc.

A challenge will turn from red to green when completed.

Part 5 - Monthly Progression


When the player clicks on Monthly Progression, they will be brought to this menu. In this screenshot, the player is viewing the 12th day of the month.

As the player completes challenges, the box corresponding to the day of the month will turn from red to green.

Hovering over a specific day will show the challenges completed, and how many points were earned that day.

A maximum of 6 points can be earned from completing 3 challenges in a single day.

Cumulative rewards can be won by completing a certain amount of challenges in a single month. (similar to /rewards from voting)

Part 6 - Rewards Shop


When the player clicks on Rewards Shop, they will be brought to this menu.

The rewards available will draw from the current voting rewards loot table, and a few extra rare items. (The 3 heads are the 3 loot boxes in game)

Each reward will have a price, and can be purchased with a specific amount of points.

To view your points, hover over the book in the left corner of the menu.

In addition to the current items in game, the Rewards Shop will also feature a new Mithril Set - The Quest Gear.


In the screenshot above, the player is viewing the Quest Boots.

The other obtainable items in the set are:

- Quest Helmet
- Quest Tunic
- Quest Pants
- Quest Master's Charm (totem held in offhand)

Each item grants a 5% global job exp boost, giving the player a 25% global exp boost when equipping all the items.

The price of each Quest Gear item will cost 180 points - meaning it will take a full month to unlock one item. (6 points daily x 30 days = 180 points)


If you have any further suggestions on this idea, hit up the comments section.


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