Rank Suggestions


I apologize if there is a thread for this somewhere else, but I would like to make a few rank suggestions that I think players could enjoy. These suggestions could be applied to in-game rank or donor-rank, however the admin and staff feel appropriate, should any of the suggestions be approved.

- Player warps (at a set rank, players gain access to the command to set a warp point, similar to a /home point, but that other players can utilize. This could be useful for setting warp points for player shops, allowing them to be built somewhere other than their /t spawn)
- Customize armor stands
- hide item-frame
- Access to the /glow command and glow colors
- +(x)% job xp / job pay (not expecting anything drastic, even 1-5% would probably be well received)
- custom name tag (which must be requested and then approved by staff), and/or ability to set two tags at the same time
- disguises