Rejected re adding villagers/possible solutions (please reply with your ideas)

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As of the server being reset, Villagers have been disabled and that has caused lots of struggle for lower level people like me getting decent armour at an affordable rate due to the low amounts of enchant books from villagers as there are ZERO villagers, now this is a significant problem for all not just people like me because it means they can't get essential books only obtainable by villagers or the incredibly rare chests in strongholds and end and other similar places, But because of no villagers or end these rare enchants cost things like 40k just for mending and no one who really needs that can afford that.

Now I have 2 solutions for this

Solution 1:

Just re enable villagers
benefits:: Cheap enchant books, People can gain profit from all economical classes due to them being affordable, Some items unobtainable ingame except from villagers being enabled so players can get essential things like clock for decor more easily

Solution 2:

No ive heard people say villagers got removed because of lag, So just limit the amount of villagers in a chunk to lets say 10 or something like you have done with hoppers.............................
benefits: we get villagers you get to stop complaining about lag or whatever the reason

Also because I don't want to make another threat for something so simple increase the hopper limit per chunk to like 100 because what are hoppers gonna do destroy the server??? I can't make a super smelter to smelt my bricks and they take forever in just 2 furnaces attached to 6 hoppers and then make any more and youve pretty much reached the limit of hoppers... thanks


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hopper limit to 100 XD
Villagers arent even that needed. The only real reason is for enchanted books which if that is the real problem you can just suggest something else they can implement to get enchanted books


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We removed Villagers because of how much lag they cause. In season 1 we already had a pretty harsh villager cap but the cap wasn't enough and we still faced performance issues regarding villagers. Unless Mojang fixes them drastically, they will not be re-enabled.
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