Re-Introducing TownyBans


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Hello Everyone,

Today we are happy to announce that we have re-added "TownyBans".

TownyBans is a custom made add-on for the Towny plugin and is exclusively available here on StickyMC. TownyBans allows town mayors and co-mayors to ban pesky trolls from their towns. What this means is that once you ban a player from your town, they will not be able to enter your claims anymore.

Below is a guide on how to use TownyBans.

First of all, Using the command /townybans will show you a menu in chat and lists all the commands possible. This will help you incase you forgot what a certain command is supposed to do.

To ban someone from your town you can use the command /townyban ban <player> <reason>. Keep in mind you'll always have to provide a reason. This can be anything you want. To un-ban someone, simply use the command /townyban unban <player>.

If you don't remember who is banned in your town, no worries! You can list all town bans using the command /townyban bans. This will make a nice list of everyone who is banned in your town, as well as check who banned them, when they got banned and what the reason was.

Now, if you wish to see which towns banned you, you can also do that using the /townyban mybans command an this will give you a similar list as in the screenshot above but then with town names instead of player names.

Considering this was the most up-voted suggestion as of right now, we are sure you'll like this change!

That was it for today.
Happy Mining!
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Nice! I can see this is going to be very useful in the future.


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That is going to be super useful, also LOL to that final screenshot.